Week 6: Activity relating to number 10


What 10 educational games or iPad apps should all students be able to use at school? Give reason why it is considered educational.

  1. Unblock me

  Because I think that you can try to unblock something, you have to use your brain and be patient about it. Because sometimes I see a lot of people don’t have patient and they just cant’t solved it!!!^^

  2. Minecraft

  Because you can be creative. This game can use in social study because you can built things.

 3. Super why

  because you can spell them

4. Math comprehension

  Because it help you with math

5. Bingo

 Because you can find numbers and find  them.

6. The hardest game ever

 Because in this game, you can try to be fast. First, its really easy, but then the more you play the harder it gets.

7. Fashion story

 In this game, you have to built and sell stuff so you can have your own money. This game make you more responsibility.

8. Home design

In this game, you have to built and design your own house. You can make friends online with other people who play this.

9. Flow

  You try to connect the circle together without touching the other circle and lines.

10. blueprint 3d

   you can see pictures in 3d








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my 10 favorite things


    My favorite animal is dogs and puppies because they are so adorable. One of my favorite puppy is Maltese because it is so so so cute!!!! Especially when it wears a blue bow and role around in circles. This dog had been known by a variety of names throughout the centuries. In Latin, people usually called this dog “Canis Melitaeus”.  It has been known in America as the ” Ancient dog of Malta”,  The “Roman Ladies’ s Dog,” and lastly “Maltese Lion Dog. In all of the kinds of dogs, the dog that I love the most is Maltese. Adult Maltese range from roughly 5 to 12 lb (2.3 to 5.4 kg), though breed standards, as a whole, call for weights between 5-8 lbs. I just love Maltese.

  My favorite movie is ” The Crood” because that movie is hilarious. One of the special thing about this movie is that it is 3D!!! I just love watching movie that is 3D because it’s like you’re in that movie. The Crood is a 2013 American 3D computer animated adventure comedy film produced by Dreamworks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. This movie also have a video game in iPad or computer call ” The Croods: Prehistoric Party! This game is awesome and so is the movie! This movie is one of the best movie I ever watch!^^ You should watched it!! 😀

  My favorite singer is Cher Lloyd because her voice is strong and she is a very very very famous singer. I like her because her voice is really good and I am her fan ( even though I just listen to her voice for a week)^^. She sang a lot of songs like : ” Swagger Jagger,  Oath, Want you back, With your love,…. But the song I adore the most is ” Oath” and ” With your love” because I think when I listen to those songs, it make my stress goes away. Anyways i just really like Cher Lloyd especially her voice and her new hair style.

The person that I adore the most is Bethany because she is really nice to me. She sang really good and dance really well but she don’t like expressing her talent because sometimes she is shy. Bethany is my BFSF. ( Best friend sister forever)^^. Sometimes she is really funny but when she is mad,……… something terrible happens!!!!!!!!! Anyways, Bethany is a funny, weird, talkative, talent, and the most awesome friend that I could ever imagine!!!!! 🙂

My favorite book is Garfield because it is funny! Garfield is a fat cat who doesn’t like to lose weigh. Garfield just like to eat lasagna, watch TV, and sleep all day. He is a very lazy cat. Garfield can talked to human especially his owner , Jon and his friend, Odie. If you think this book is awesome, if you want to read this book, then get ready for a triple dose of laughs with the world’s funniest fat cat. Garfield is back for all his gut busting glory, catching his tongue in the electric mixer, revealing his distaste for milk, pranking Jon for serving him a rubber pizza,…….. More and more funny thing will happen. I love this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My favorite place to travel is Japan because that place is beautiful and pretty. When i came there, the whether í cool and cherry blossom were everywhere. The cherry blossom color were pink. I like Tokyo  because there is Disney Land. I buy a lot of stuff there and there are awesome roller coaster, but it’s kind of scary……………………….. but i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

   My favorite game is Temple run because it is fun and you have to be patient to play this game. It fascinated me. My high score in this game is 6 million. You just just try to run around and not fall, but the longer you play, the faster it will be in the game.

My favorite inventor is Steve Job because he created Apple. The most famous company in the world. He created iPad, iPhone, iMac, MacBook, ……….. The invention that i like the most is MacBook and iPhone. Because it is induction.

  My favorite activity is bowling. I usually play this when I’m bored. I just love bowling. I’m not good with bowling but I’m not bad with bowling. I’m very normal but my aunt is bery good. Anyway, I usually use size 12 in bowling because if you hold a heavy ball, it will easily strike the bowling table. I love this sport.


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challenge 6


I think in this world a lot of people hide there identity because they think something is not good with them. also, they also change there self up in website like: facebook, twitter, skpe, google talk,… Anywayyyy, if you search for something, people can know what you are looking for.

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10 jobs :) :)


1. singer

– because being a singer is fun! And i love singing!!!

2. dancer

–  because i will have a lot of experience. I like to come up on stage

3. actor

–  An actor is a hard job but you will be famous!^^

4. business girl

– You will have a lot of money

5. president

– Because I get to live in the white house, and make a better future for America

6. director

– because i can tell people what to do by just sitting in one sit. FUN!!!

7.  scientist

–  because i get to do experiment.





8. doctor

–  because i can help sickness get off.^^


9. teacher

because teaching is fun!!!!!!^^


10. principle

because i get to go to a lot of conference

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Student blogging challenge


this is the Blogging challenge

1.Lady Gaga

– when did you started singing?

2. Katy Perry

–  What song do you like the most out of all the song you have sung?

3. Nikki Minaj

– What’s your favorite outfit that you wear on stage?

4. Taylor swift

– What inspire you to sing country song?


– What do you hate the most?

6. Adele

– How many songs have you sang?

7. Demi Lovato

–  What is your favorite song over all the song you have sung?

8. Michael Jackson

– What inspire you to design dance move?

9. Kesha

–  How many hairstyle have you have?

10. Jennifer Lopez

– What type of music do you like?

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