Challenge number 8

Student Blogging Challenge

Germany– I like Germany, they are ancient and they have a long history and different museum to look at. Germany have World War I and II.

Bayern Munich– I like Bayern Munich. A Germany football club. They are so good. I love them and they won a lot of champions.  They have many great players, too.

Iron Man 3– I just watch Iron Man 3 just before I finish this post. It so good and it’s fun. Iron Man have to find a guy name Mandarin. He invent a type of gene come to human then when you got too hot you will explode to die. Almost everyone at the cinema laugh when Tony Stark call out the Mark 42 to come and it got broken apart.

Physical Education– I like Physical Education the most. It is about sports and strength.

Lamborghini Murciélago – I like this car. It’s from one of the best car company in the world, Lamborghini. It’s very beautiful.

Soccer– I like Soccer the most. It’s my favorite sports. I could play soccer with my friends or neighbors.

Steven Gerrard Gerrard is my favorite idol. He play for Liverpool and the one who can not miss in the team. I like him the way he play.

 Facebook- I like Facebook the most for all the apps, comment, like, and upload picture. It’s a website for you to try.

Cat– I like cat a lot. They are cute pets. They have nice fur, too.

Summer– Summer is the time I don’t have schools. I can play a lot of things that I want to. I can go to vacation with my family!

Picture Credit- Germany flag, Iron man 3 






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Challenge about number 10

This is another challenge from Student Blogging Challenge.

1) Soccer player – I love soccer since I was 4 years old.

2) Tennis player – I love tennis and I play it a lot.

3) Business man – I like to be a business man.

4) Photographer – I like taking pictures,and I take it as a hobby.

5) Car designer – I love watching Mega Factory( Super Cars) on Nat Geo.

6) Game designer – I know everyone love games!

7) Table tennis player – I love table tennis as well as soccer and tennis.

8) Making apps – Making apps for people to enjoy.

9) Create websites – Making websites is fun to me.

10) Lawyer – Lawyer is a very good job, a good lawyer make a lot of money.

Challenge about number 10

This is a blogger of the Student Blogging Challenge.

Bill Gate – Why would you want to leave your college?

Lincoln – How could you free the slaves?

Ho Chi Minh – What is your strategies in the war?

Gerd Muller – How could you score so much goals?

Federer – What is your birthday?

My greatgrandpa – Did you go to military?

My dad – How much money did you make for a month?

Napoleon – How could you rule the France?

Obama – How could you become a first African – American president?

Steve Jobs – Where is your idea of Apple come from?