Week 8 – Reading Month Ends

During this week, most of our time was dedicated to Reading Month. Everyone was rushing to clock-in as many reading minutes as possible in order to win the prizes that awaited at the end of the month. Our class did fairly well and managed to clock-in a total of: 7333 minutes and had an average of 611 minutes per student.

There was another competition for ‘cRaZy Reading’ where the learners and teachers take pictures of themselves reading in ridiculous ways or places. That Monday, only one in our class had managed to submit a picture, Tania… She submitted an adorable picture of her and her little sister Tisha reading on top of her. Regrettably I do not have a copy of this picture 🙁

I wanted to submit more than one picture and after being inspired by ‘Dead Poets Society’ I decided to recreate the “Oh Captain, My Captain” scene…


But that wasn’t enough. After “losing” Michaela, I looked down to find her hiding under her blanket on the beanbag…


Turns out, the “Oh Captain, My Captain” picture would be enough. The final Friday of the month came and who should win the ‘cRaZy reading picture’ but the humble Grade 5A class…


After we won the ‘cRaZy class picture’, who would have thought that two more of our learners would be receiving yet another award..?!


Unfortunately, the picture was unable to rotate but if you look carefully, you will see our very own Michaela next to Ms. Aubrey; and the other learner in our class to achieve an award was Emil…


Unfortunately, – again – the picture was unable to rotate.

That was the end of Reading Month, and with three awards for our class, I think we did pretty well.

And that was the end of Week 8… Next up, Week 9!

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