Week 6 – Anti-Rhino Poaching

During this week we dedicated most of our time to raising awareness about Rhino Poaching. 2 South African women who are cycling across Asia came to speak to our grade 3s, 4s and 5s. The 2 of them presented a short presentation and then asked several learners some thought-provoking questions. At the end of the presentation the 2 women got all the learners they presented this presentation to, to sign their book in the hopes that if enough people see it, they too will join the fight against rhino poaching.

The next day, we made A3 copies of a template that the 2 women had emailed us. There was/is a competition which includes ALL the learners from ALL the schools they have visited (and will visit) for the best poster. I decided that this would be another great opportunity to raise awareness for rhino poaching; here’s some of the work our learners produced:


(Left) Tania; (Top Left) Steven (Middle Left) Tom; (Middle Right) Emil; (Right) Michaela; (Bottom Right) Kathryn


(Far Left) Tracy; (Back Left) Tony; (Middle Left) Jack; (Middle Right) Bill; (Right) Jason; (Far Right) Nina




(Left) Bill; (Right) Tony


(Left) Tom; (Right) Kathryn




(Left) Jack; (Right) Michaela


(Left) Nina; (Right) Jason

At the end of the week, after drawing all those Anti-Rhino Poaching posters, we decided it was time for a break. On Friday, we spent some time reading in the library. The learners got a chance to check out new books to read and – as you can see – got a chance to read them in a very relaxed and comfortable environment.


(Far Left) Jack; (Middle Left) Nina; (Back Middle) Tracy; (Back Right) Michaela; (Bottom Right) Tony

And that was Week 6… Next up, Week 7!