Week 5 – Reading Week

This week was ‘Reading Week’. This is a week we dedicate entirely to reading. We try to get the learners excited about reading by having different themes and activities for different days such as:

Monday: Dr Seuss Day – On this day we try to get the learners to dress up like a Dr. Seuss character.

Tuesday: Pyjama Day – On this day we try get the learners to go to school in their pyjamas.

Wednesday: ‘Stop-Drop-&-Read’ – On this day, 1 of the teachers will announce “Stop-Drop-&-Read”, at that exact moment the learners need to stop what they are doing, sit down and begin reading.

Thursday: Character Day – On this day we try get the learners to dress up like their favourite character from any book they have read.

Friday: Buddy Reading – On the last day of the week we read to Miss Tara’s Pre-K learners


(Far left) Nina; (Left) Everlyn; (Right) Tracy; (Far Right) Aydan



(Left) Ngoc; (Right) Jack


(Left) Tania; (Right) Nhi


(Left) Michaela; (Right) Zen


(Left) Jason; (Right) Kitty

Now that we had had our turn to read to the younger learners, it was our turn. The Grade 7s came over and most of them read to all of us.


(Far Left) Cindy; (Left) Tracy; (Right) Thao; (Far Right) Tania


(Left) Tom; (Right) Kathryn


(Left) Alex; (Right) Steven

And that was the end of Reading Week… Next up, Week 6!

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