Week 4 – Happy Birthday Tracy!

This week, we continued with language and the Reader’s and Writer’s workshop. We began to work on our spelling as well. Some of the learners’ spelling isn’t what it should be and therefore we have begun working on the more complicated sounds; we are doing this mainly to help the learners improve their vocabulary.

In Maths we have been covering a variety of topics. We have been doing advanced addition and subtraction, as well as basic multiplication and division. The learners’ skill in these for areas is very impressive and therefore we are moving on to angles and conversions (yards – feet etc.).

On Tuesday (1 September 2015), it was Tracy’s birthday. We worked during Language Arts and Maths and after the learners lunch break we had a class party to celebrate her birthday.


Tracy’s mother organised pizza, cold drink and cake for the entire class! I took charge to ensure that the food and drink was shared evenly. After everyone had had their fill, we listened to some music. Jason, Steven and Kathryn took charge of the dance floor and entertained the rest of us with some ‘interesting’ moves.

The following day, for Social Studies, we began watching a series called ‘Years of Living Dangerously’. This is a short 9 episode series (each episode is 1 hour) that raises awareness on environmental issues. It takes all facets into account and opens the learners’ minds with regards to the reasons for environmental damage.

And that was Week 4… Next up, Week 5!

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