Week 3 – Readers & Writers Workshop Begins

This week we began something called the Reader’s Workshop (RW) and the Writer’s Workshop (WW). The Readers Workshop is designed to encourage the learners to read more frequently. It is supposed to inspire the learners to read more as their knowledge of genre increases. This week in the Reader’s Workshop we focused on what the students like to read. We focused on feelings that different books evoke, and how these feelings inspire learners to read more.


The Writer’s Workshop is designed to improve the quality of the learners writing. We are focusing on this in order to increase the learners’ vocabulary as well as their spoken English. In the Writer’s Workshop this week, we built on those feelings we discussed in the Reader’s Workshop by writing paragraphs on them. The learners wrote about how various books made them feel and how those feelings would effect their future book choice decisions.


At the end of the day on Friday, we watched some funny YouTube clips. I introduced them to an American musician named ‘Weird Al Yankovic’. Weird Al Yankovic creates parodies of famous songs (e.g. Michael Jackson’s ‘Eat It’, Weird Al changed to ‘Eat It’). The learners really enjoyed watching the clips and it was a great – educational – way to end the week.

And that was Week 3… Next up, Week 4!

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