Week 1 – Welcome to Grade 5A

This week was all about getting to know one another. The majority of the class knew each other from the previous year but we had 2 new additions to our class, and, the learners had never met me.


My name is Kevin Bradfield and I am a teacher from South Africa (as you can see by the flag that is above my desk). I recently graduated from the University of Pretoria (TUKS) and I moved to Vietnam in order to gain an international education experience. As this was my first time in an American style school, I decided to split the tables into groups.


This proved problematic as the learners were too focused on each other than me as a teacher and we were forced to rearrange soon after.

Whilst we were waiting for everything to fall into place, we spent some time getting to know each other. I asked the learners if there was anything they would like to know about me; and I asked each learner to introduce themselves and just give me a little bit of background about themselves. At the end of the week I had summarized the learners, here’s what I thought:



Tom (left) – Tom is a very sweet and polite young boy. He is also a disciplined and extremely well behaved young boy.

Tony (middle) AKA: ‘T-Bag’ – Tony is a very enthusiastic young boy. He does tend to get distracted but this does not affect his work at all.

Billy (right) – Billy is 1 of our new students. Although his English is weak, he tries very hard and has not struggled to make friends at all. He is positive for the most part and always tries to participate where possible.


Tania (left) – Tania is a polite, intelligent and an extremely sincere young girl. She does struggle to project her voice but this does not prevent her from participating in class activities.

Jack (middle) AKA: Jackie’ – Jackie is an extremely intelligent and humorous boy. He almost always has insight to any given topic and is generally well behaved.

Michaela (right) AKA: Munchkin’ – Michaela is a very sweet girl with a hilarious personality. She is literally a “munchkin” and always has a look on her face that brings a smile to any and all onlookers.


Jason (left) – Jason is a very charismatic boy. He has a tendency to be disruptive but always does his work and participates in all class activities with the utmost enthusiasm.

Kathryn (middle) – Kathryn is an extremely enthusiastic girl. She has a lot to offer and always has a lot to say; but sometimes she forgets to think before she speaks.

Nina (right) – Nina is a very sweet and well behaved young girl. She always tries her hardest to participate in class and gives valuable insight where possible.


Bill (front) – Bill is the other new boy in our class. He is a very well behaved young boy and has 1 of the most positive attitudes I have ever seen.

Steven (middle) – is an extremely hyperactive boy who really wants to learn. He does tend to be disruptive but when it comes time to work he always puts the utmost effort into it.

Emil (back) AKA: ‘Lemon’ – Emil is an interesting boy who received his nickname because his name spelled backwards is ‘Lime’. He is generally well behaved and

In each of these pictures the learners were creating posters based on the ESLRs that we stuck on the class door:

1. Academics

2. Aesthetics

3. Athletics

4. Altruistic

So there you have it; the class of 5A and all its learners. Next up… Week 2!

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