Overview for Week #27


  • There is no school tomorrow for a Professional Development day.
  • Please continue to monitor your students work on their Science Fair experiment.
  • We will take our Unit 6 Math test next week.

L.A. – In our Informational genre study this week we thought about the subtopics we wanted to include in our own informational pieces. We practiced using all the text features in our informational read alouds so that we made sure we were learning new information. We also listed all the text features we are going to use in our own writing. Our spelling words this week were with the sub- and in- prefix rule. Our fluency poem this week had a spring kite flying theme and was called March Wind.

Math – For the second half of unit 6 we learned about benchmarks to aid us in adding and subtracting fractions. We then learned how to split a clock face into segments and use those fractions to help us find common denominators so we could add and subtract fractions.

Science – We continued to work on our science fair experiments for the Science Fair next week. Students have been utilizing our Scientific Method wall display to help them include all the necessary parts on their poster for the Science Fair. We’ve put our geography unit in Social Studies on hold until after Science Fair so we have enough time to get all of our experiments right.


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