Overview for Week #26


  • Please return signed Unit 5 math tests this week.
  • Science Fair is next Friday, April 1st. Your student should be working on their experiment.

L.A. – This week in our Informational Text genre study we thought about as writers who our audience would be and how we could make our text more interesting for them. As readers we determined the main idea in some example texts so we could understand the author’s message. Our spelling words this week focused on the -ure and -cher sounds. Our fluency poem celebrated St. Patrick’s Day (which was on Thursday) and was called¬†Leprechaun Language.

Math – Our study of Unit 6 continued. We learned what a sample size was and spent one day figuring out the color percentages in a bag of M&Ms. The students had a great time eating their sample sizes. Next week we finish Unit 6 and take our test.

Science – We spent class time working on our experiments for the Science Fair and designing our posters for our display.

Social Studies – Students were given back their geography of the U.S. quizzes. If you student got less than 70% please make sure they are practicing with the online game.


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