Overview for Week #25


  • Reminder that tomorrow is our first Open Day for prospective students.
  • Unit 5 math test will go home next week.
  • Science Fair is in 3 weeks please help your student gather materials for their experiment.

L.A. – We jumped right back into our Information Text genre study. We listed all the topics that we know a lot about in order to start choosing what informational topic we want to write about. We continued to look at the text features of Informational Texts and how they help readers understand the text better. In spelling we focused on the soft -g this week. Our fluency poem this week was titled “How did you get so mean?” and helped students practice figure of speeches and idioms.

Math РWe started Unit 6 this week Using Data, addition and subtraction of fractions. We started by learning how to organize data through number lines and graphs. We moved onto to natural measures of lengths and ended the week by learning about and building Stem and Leaf plots.

Social Studies – As part of our unit on Geography and gear up for exploration the students memorized the 50 States and their locations. They’ve been practicing online with a fun interactive game that times how quickly they can label the States. On Thursday we took a quiz on all the States.

Science – We will spend the next few weeks working on our Science Fair projects. We went over the Scientific Method and students formulated a question and hypothesis. Started designing an experiment and gathering materials needed to conduct their experiments.

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