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Weekly Overview: Week of April 20th



  • Thanks to all the parents who came out for conferences it was great to get to talk to everyone.
  • We will be taking the Terra Nova standardized test on Monday and Tuesday morning. Please make sure your student arrives on time, gets a good night’s rest, and has eaten a healthy breakfast.
  • There is no school Friday for a Professional Development for the TAS faculty.
  • Next week is Spring Break there is no school next week.


Language Arts – Our fantasy genre study continues on Wednesday after we finish Terra Nova testing. We will focus on settings in a fantasy story and think about what setting we want to use for our own fantasy story. We are taking this week off from vocabulary word work due to Terra Nova testing. We will resume with Book 2 Unit 4 when we get back from Spring Break.

Math – We took our Unit 8 test last week and will put moving onto Unit 9 until we get back from Spring Break. On Wednesday we will work on Lesson 8.8 it wasn’t on the test, but is still important to learn. On Thursday we will play a Jeopardy review of Unit 8 to make sure we can still find perimeter and area.

Science – Our study of Energy continues this week. We will learn about light energy and how it bends when it passes through different materials.

Social Studies – We didn’t get a chance to do Character Education last week so we will be doing our extraordinary/ordinary daily inspiration this week.

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Weekly Overview Week of April 13



  • There is no school on Friday for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Please make sure you schedule an appointment to come talk about all the great things your student is doing in 4th grade.
  • Conferences will also be available Thursday evening.

Language Arts – Our study of the Fantasy genre continues this week. We will spend time talking about character traits in fantasy stories. We will start “gathering seeds” for our own fantasy stories we are going to write over the next month. In Word Work this week our unit is called Earth, Wind, and Fire. All of our root words pertain to these three things.

Math – Unit 8 will wrap up this week. It was a much shorter unit than Unit 7. We will start the week off by finding the area of parallelograms and triangles. On Wednesday we will work on our unit review packet and play a Jeopardy game. We will take our test on Thursday. More time will be given in the afternoon if necessary.

Social Studies – In Character Education this week we are focusing on theme the idea of what makes something extraordinary. We will talk about what things we can do in our lives to make the things we do extraordinary.

Science – Our unit on Energy begins this week. Our big question for this unit is “how does energy cause change?” In lesson 1 students will define energy, know what forms it can take, and understand what it can do.

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Week of April 6

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TAS April Newsletter


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Weekly Overview for the week of April 6th



  • A big congratulations to Truc, Chanyong and Peter their “Shoe Pocket” won the Elementary School Science Fair prize along with Ricky and Luis from 3rd grade.
  • We are still swimming in P.E. class so please make sure to send swim clothes, a towel and sun block with your student.
  • Unit 7 Math tests will go home on Friday. Please sign and send back on Monday. Also, Realistic Fiction book reports are due on Friday.


Language Arts – We are starting our Fantasy genre study this week. We will start by going over what text features you can find in Fantasy books. We will read Love Monster and Stuck as introductions to fantasy stories. On Thursday when we go to the library students will be choosing fantasy books to read in school and at home. We also started The Phantom Tollbooth for our read aloud. For our Word Work this week our them is “All in the Family” all of our words are about mothers and fathers and our own generation.

Math – We begin Unit 8 this week which focuses on geometry. We will learn to calculate perimeter and area and how to make a scale drawing of our classroom. Finally, we will end the week studying how to figure out the area of shapes.

Science – We will spend some time reflecting on our Science Fair projects. What worked? What didn’t work? What would we do differently?

Social Studies – In Character Education this week we will be talking about goals. Why it is important to set goals for ourselves? How can we achieve those goals? Then we will make a list of goals for ourselves.


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Overview for Week of March 30th



  • Our Invention Convention is on Friday, April 3rd. Please make sure your child has completed their invention project.
  • Our Unit 7 Math test will be on Tuesday and Wednesday (if more time is needed). I sent home a review packet over the weekend and we will review in class on Monday.
  • A big congratulations to Phuoc, his picture was chosen to represent all of Vietnam in the Art Olympiad contest. His painting will be displayed in Washington D.C. this summer.

Language Arts – We will be working on final drafts of our Realistic Fiction stories and next weekend we will be doing a final book report project as a culmination of our unit on Realistic Fiction. We have moved onto book 2 in our Word Work. Unit 1 is titled The Good with the Bad. All of our words are rooted in words that mean either bad or good.

Math – Monday we will review unit 7 and play a Jeopardy review game. Every student has a review packet to study for their test. We will take our test on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Please review fractions with your child and make sure they are studying for their test.

Science – The Invention Convention Science Fair is on Friday morning with an assembly on the Middle/High School campus in the afternoon. Students need to finish their projects and posters by Wednesday so we can practice our presentations on Thursday.

Social Studies – This week in Character Education we are focusing on making goals and how it is important to motivate in us to achieve things in our lives. Our train tour through the Southeast will wrap up this week and next week we will move on to the Midwest (where Ms. Brigid is from!).

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4B Photos

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Overview for the Week of March 23rd.



  • Science Fair Invention projects are due March 30. Please make sure your child has everything they need to build their invention. I’ve been giving them lots of time to work during school.
  • It’s not too late to turn in orders for yearbook photos.
  • Please make sure your child is reading every night.

L.A. – We will be wrapping up our unit on Realistic Fiction this week. We will be editing the first draft of our writing and moving on to a second draft. Next up we will study the Fantasy genre. We move onto Unit 20 Meet Me in the Middle. Our words this week have root words meaning the middle or level.

Math – This is the last week for Unit 7 and our study of fractions. This week we will focus and on comparing and ordering fractions. Please make sure you child reviews how to convert a fraction into a decimal this proved to be a difficult concept for many students.

Science – Work continues on our inventions for the Science Fair. We continue to learn about the design process and how to use it for our own inventions.

Social Studies – In Character Education this week we continue to focus on using kind words with our classmates and everyone in our lives. Please make sure you are talking to your child about what it means to be a kind person.

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March Pictures

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Weekly Overview Week of March 16th



  • Please return Unit 6 Math Tests signed this week.
  • Please check your students’ reading and writing notebook to see if they need to purchase a new one.

Language Arts – Our unit on Realistic Fiction continues. Last week we focused on what lessons authors will include in their stories and how as readers we can recognize them. We also talked about how characters will often try and fail to solve and problem. What reasons would an author have to include them in their stories. This week we are focusing on what characters say and how that affects a readers opinion of that character. As writers we will be thinking about how the dialogue we write for out characters affects our readers’ feelings.¬†Our unit if vocabulary this week is called “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.” Our root words this week are all about roads and land and what way to go.

Math – Unit 7 continues in Math which focuses on fractions. Last week we worked hard on adding and subtracting fractions. This week we will look at equivalent fractions and probability/chance.

Science – We are getting ready for our Science Fair next month. We’ve been studying the design process in order to come up with an idea for the Invention Convention. This week we need to start thinking about what materials we will need to build a model of our invention.

Social Studies – We continue to study the Southeast Region of the U.S. We’ve moved further south to New Orleans. In Character Education we’ve been focusing on how everyone meets failure on the road to success.

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