TAS Grade 4B

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Weekly Overview Week of May 4th



  • Welcome back I hope everyone had a great spring break.
  • Please make sure your student returned their Friday Folder.
  • We have a field trip the 3 Brooms Town next Tuesday. Permission slips will be going home this week.

Language Arts – This week in our fantasy unit we will focus on identifying the problems or adventures characters face in a fantasy story. We will also talk about the endings in fantasy story and how they differ from realistic fiction. In our Word Work this week we will study Book 2 Unit 4 A Matter of Life and Death. All of our root words deal with life or death.

Math – We will start Unit 9 this week. Unit 9 circles back to fractions and decimals. We will get more in-depth into this two strands and learn how to multiply decimals.

Science – Our energy unit continues and we will focus on energy and heat. We will learn the difference between convection and conduction.

Social Studies – We wrap our river boat tour of the Southeast this week. In Character Education we will talk about all the special things that make us each unique.

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