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Welcome Back


Dear 4B

I hope you had a wonderful Tet holiday. That you are relaxed and rested and eager to get back to work at school. I also hope that you were reading over your holiday. I know you already saw the video I sent but I just wanted to say that I’m feeling great after my surgery. Bumrungrad Hospital took very good care of me. They also gave me a dvd of my surgery to watch. It was very interesting getting to see all my organs from the inside. Also, one thing that surprised me was that they glued my incisions back together they didn’t use stitches!

I spoke to Ms. Corinne and she said everyone worked very hard while I was gone. I hope you had a good time on your field trip to Vietopia. We will continue to study Realistic Fiction in Language Arts. Ms. Corinne started our unit on fractions in Math and we will spend more time studying that this week. Get your ideas flowing because it’s time to come up with an invention for the Science Fair.

I hope everyone is well and I will see you in school tomorrow.



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Weekly Overview Week #21



  • Our field trip to the Marou Chocolate Factory is on Thursday. Please make sure you have sent back a signed permission slip.
  • The Unit 6 Math test will be on Thursday and Friday. Students should be practicing on ixl.com at home.
  • Tet assembly is on Friday morning. Please feel free to come watch.


L.A. – Reader’s Workshop continues with our focus on Realistic Fiction. We will work on the strategy of comparing different characters in stories we’ve read and then apply that to our own books we are reading. In writing we are brainstorming and thinking of characters and character traits. In ICT we will be animating our characters with Ms. Anna. Our word work this week is Unit 15 Nine, Ten, Hundred, all of our words focus on root words with those numbers.

Math – We are finishing up Unit 6 on Tuesday. We focused on angles last week and on Monday we will learn how to read a coordinate grid and numbered pairs. On Tuesday we will go over partial quotients again and review on Wednesday for our test.

Social Studies – Our boat and bus tour of the Southeast United States is on it’s way. We will do a geography challenge on Tuesday to become better acquainted with the states in the southeast. In Character Education this week our inspiration is “Wise people learn when they can; fools learn when they must.” We will discuss what it means to be a life-long learner and what are some things we want to learn more about.

Science – We will wrap up our unit on matter this week in order to get ready for our Invention Convention science fair. We will focus on melting and boiling points of matter and take our chapter check-up this week.

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Weekly Overview for Week 19



  • This week is the first week of Quarter 3. I’m so proud of 4B and all the hard work they’ve been doing.
  • Unit 5 math tests will go home at the end of the week. Please sign and return them to me.
  • 4B will be hosting this month’s assembly with 1st grade.


Language Arts – Our Realistic Fiction unit has begun. On Thursday in the library students all picked out realistic fiction books to read in school and at home. Next week our mini-lessons focus on settings and identifying problems/conflicts in realistic fiction works.

We move onto Unit 13 Three, Four, Five in our word work. As you can guess this week’s words are all about things more than three, four, and five. It builds on the last two units words on one and two. I have seen a lot of great improvement in vocabulary.


Math – We move onto Unit 6 after taking the Unit 5 test. Unit 6 focuses on division and measuring of angles and rotation. We will learn how to do partial-quotient method for solving division problems. We’ve already learned partial sum and partial product methods for solving addition and multiplication problems. At the end of the week we will spend some time studying angles and rotation.


Science – Our unit on Matter continues. So far we’ve talked about ways to describe and measure matter (properties) and states of matter. This week we will spend some time finding the mass of objects in our classroom.


Social Studies – In Character Education this week we will focus on what we like about ourselves. Our daily inspiration comes from Eleanor Roosevelt who said “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” We will list all the things we like about ourselves and discuss how to see these same things in other people. We’ve finish up chapter 4 in our book and will move onto chapter 5 Population Density and Life in the Northeast.

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Weekly Overview Week #18




  • Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great winter break
  • Unit 5 math tests will be taken at the end of this week.
  • Tuesday is Quan’s birthday. Please wish him Happy Birthday.


Language Arts – Our Realistic Fiction unit starts this week. We will review text features and everyday our reading message will relate to realistic fiction and how to interpret the author’s message. During this unit students should only be reading works of realistic fiction.

We move onto vocabulary unit 12 It Takes Two. Unit 11 was all about words relating to one and this week it’s all about words relating to twos. We will take our vocabulary quiz on Friday.


Math – We will finish up Unit 5 this week and take our test on Friday. This will be our last math test of Quarter 2. Students will get another review packet on Thursday to help them study for the test. The math packet that went home over break was also a Unit 5 review.


Science – We continue our study of matter going more in-depth into the properties of matter (mass, weight, volume and density) and talking about the states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas).


Social Studies – The Northeastern United States test will be taken at the end of this week. Also, in our Character Education class we will be talking about books and how they can transport us to different places. Our inspiration will come from a quote from Walt Disney.

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Weekly Overview Week of December 15th



  • Math tests went home today. Please sign and return them on Monday. Sorry for the delay a student was absent and needed to make the test up.
  • Next week is the last week before winter break. There will be lost of special events. On Monday we will rehearse for our Christmas Show.
  • Notes went home today about the 4B gift exchange. Please purchase a small gift that would be good for either a boy or girl and bring it wrapped to school on Tuesday. We will exchange gifts on Friday.
  • 4B is dressing up as snowflakes for our Christmas Show please have your student wear as much white as possible next Friday, December 19th.


Language Arts – Our Reading Workshop is underway. Every day the students write a reading or writing message in their notebooks. We discuss this reading or writing strategy together and then students read or write silently to apply this strategy. This week we will work on publishing our first writing. Many students have written their own stories. We will work together to peer edit each other’s work and then go to the ICT lab to type them up.

We are moving on to Unit 10 this week in vocabulary. The theme of this unit is One is the Loneliest Number. All of our root words this week are about the number one. On Monday the new words are introduced and then the students spend the week practicing those words. On Thursdays we play definition match-up, which usually gets pretty lively. On Fridays we take our vocabulary quiz.


Math – We have moved on to Unit 5. Last week we spent time learning to multiply numbers with zeros and rounding so we could estimate sums and products. This week in math we will extend our multiplication facts by using the partial-products method as well as revisiting the lattice method. I will send home a math packet for the students to work on over Winter Break.


Science – Snowflakes are still the focus of our unit on matter. We’ve been watching several interesting videos about how snowflakes are formed. This week we focus on the phases of matter (solids, liquids and gases). How can matter change from each phase? Also, we will discuss melting and boiling points.


Social Studies – Our train tour of the Northeast will come to a conclusion this week. We will wrap our unit by writing a letter home about our travels and taking the chapter quiz. When we return from break we will move onto Chapter 5 and the population density and life in the Northeast. 

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Weekly Overview, Week of December 8th



  • Unit 4 math tests will go home this week. Please make sure to sign the test and return it to me. You may keep the student score checklist page for yourself, I have made a copy to keep at school.
  • Please remember every Friday is casual day if you donate 20,000 vnd. This is a great way to promote the ESLR altruism.
  • For the Christmas show on December 19th, grade 4B will be dressing up as snowflakes. We are making the snowflakes ourselves but if possible please have students wear as much white that day as possible. A simple white t-shirt would be great.


Language Arts – We are starting on unit studying the genre of Realistic Fiction this week. We will spend time making an anchor chart of all the text features of realistic fiction. On Thursday when we go to the library students will be checking out realistic fiction books to read over the course of this unit.

This week in vocabulary we are moving onto Unit 10 The More the Merrier. The theme of this unit is many, plural or very large. Grade 4B has really been improving each week on their vocabulary quiz scores. Please check their bag every Friday for the quiz which I will send home. I will also post the scores on Powerschool.

Math – We finished Unit 4 last week and are moving onto Unit 5. We are circling back around to multiplication and learning extended multiplication facts. Please make sure you student has memorized their multiplication facts at least up to 10. We will also practice estimating sums and products at the end of the week.

Social Studies – Our train tour through the Northeast moves south to Pennsylvania and New York this week. We will be studying Hershey, Pennsylvania, home to the famous Hershey’s chocolate bar. 4B has looked ahead in their book and is pretty excited to learn about Hershey. Also, we will spend one day a week in Social Studies on Character Education which will help us reinforce the ESLRs. This week’s inspiration is talking about what our perfect day would look like. Every week we will have a new inspiration to discuss.

Science – Our unit on Snowflakes/Matter continues this week. We will use a balance to measure the weight of matter (mass) as well as doing a short experiment about how matter can change. Last week we watched a short video about how snowflakes are made so this will relate back to that. 

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Weekly Overview Week of December 1st


• Grade 4B had a great time at International Day. It was a lot of work setting up our booth and boy was it hot, but overall the students had a great time visiting the other countries and trying food from around the world.
• Unit 4 Math Test will be on Thursday and Friday (if more time is needed). Please make sure your child is practicing decimal skills on ixl.com. I’m sending home a review packet and study guide on Tuesday.
• Swimming continues this week, please remember to send swimming clothes with your student. If your child is not participating in swimming please make sure to send a note explaining why.

Language Arts – We are focusing on writing messages this week. On Tuesday we will be going over copy editing marks. How to use them for shorthand when we edit our own work or our peer’s work. I’ve asked the students to evaluate themselves every day after Sustained Silent Reading. I hope this will encourage responsibility and taking ownership of their own learning. Please make sure you are checking your student’s folder every day to see how they are doing on their vocabulary homework. Our words this week are about Light, Life and Love. Our three root words are photo, bio, phil. Your child has vocabulary homework every night except Thursday when they should be studying for Friday’s vocabulary quiz.
Math – On Monday we will finish unit 4 by studying how to measure in millimeters. On Tuesday I will hand out the Unit 4 review packet and students will have time in class to complete it. Whatever is not completed in class can be done at home for homework. Due to the basketball tournament our test is delayed until Thursday, so on Wednesday students will have a chance to practice decimals on ixl.com in the ICT lab.
Social Studies – Our train tour through the Northeastern United States is back on track after the International Day delay. We will be reviewing what we learned a few weeks ago. We will also move onto studying the Erie Canal and New York City. Students will begin to brainstorm what they want to include in the letter home about their Northeastern Trip.
Science – This month we will be studying snowflakes to see how matter changes. We will study how snowflakes are formed what the different types of snowflakes are. Finally, we will build our own 3D snowflakes to decorate our classroom for Christmas.

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Weekly Overview Week of November 24th



  • International Day is on Thursday, November 27th. Grade 4B has had wonderful time studying Korea. Last week we made Korean lanterns out of hanji (traditional handmade Korean paper). We will also be teaching the visiting students how to do the Korean art of jong-I jeobgi(paper folding). Every student picked one aspect of Korean culture and wrote a report and presentation in ICT. If you have time please stop by our booth at International Day.


  • On Friday, November 28th we will be going on a field trip to Wildlife at Risk Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station. “Visiting Cu Chi WRS, the students will not only see and learn about the endangered animals, but can also help WAR staff to prepare food and to feed the animals.” Wildlife at Risk visited TAS on the Service Fair day. You can read more about the organization on their website at wildlifeatrisk.org. We are very excited to support this organization and their valuable cause.


  • Please be sure to check your students’ bag for homework and vocab quizzes that go home every week. I do not need those returned to me. I only ask that math tests be signed and returned. This is a great way to see how your child is doing on our day-to-day work. Also, please make sure your child is reading at least 25 minutes every day.


Language Arts – The students are doing a great job filling up their reading and writing interactive notebook. We have started writing a first draft of one of the topics picked from our writing notebook. We will work towards editing and revising and then publishing in a couple of weeks.

Next week we will learn Unit 8 “And Your Name Is” all of our words are about naming things and using different names for things. We will study the words all week and take a vocabulary quiz on Friday.


Math – We continue on Unit 4 which is almost entirely about decimals, except  4.8, 4.9 and 4.10 which is about measuring in in the metric system. We will take our unit 4 math test in two weeks after International Day and our field trip.


Social Studies – In Social Studies we’ve been concentrating on studying Korea. We will continue to learn about Korean culture, history, and economy. We’ve almost learned the entire Korean alphabet and we will finish the rest of the 24 letters next week.


Science – In preparation for the Rhino Poem contest deadline we’ve been focusing on learning more about the rhino during science. We will continue doing that next week as well as writing first drafts, editing and publishing our rhino poems. I am already very impressed with the students who have finished their first drafts.

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Weekly Overview, November 10th



  • Please congratulate class 4B for reaching their goal of 500 Thumbs-Up Slips! As a reward for reaching their goal we will be having a “Thumbs-Up” party on Thursday, November 13. I will be providing snacks and I told the students they can bring their electronics to use only during the party. Class 4B’s next goal is 750 Thumbs-Up Slips.
  • Thank you to all the parents that came to conferences last week. It was a great opportunity to talk about all the things we’ve been doing in 4B.
  • Unit 3 Math tests will go home this week. Please sign and return the test to me.


Language Arts – We are almost finished with our first Reading/Writing Workshop unit. The students have written a few stories inspired by books we read in class. We will be peer editing those over the next few weeks to get ready to publish them. In Reading Workshop this week we focus on how to use context clues to figure out the meaning of new words and also how to correctly use punctuation.

Our word work continues with Unit 6 which focuses on time and place. We will spend the week studying the words and take our vocabulary test on Friday. Next Monday, I will send home a copy of our first 6 unit tests.


Math – We started Unit 4 this week. Unit 4 is all about decimals and this week we will focus on place value of decimals (tenths, hundredths, thousandths) and comparing decimals. Students should be practicing on ixl.com every night.


Science – On Tuesday we continued to discuss what it means to be a scientist and how to conduct experiments and observations. We put this into practice by observing if salt dissolves quicker in warm or cold water. We discussed what our variables and constants were and recorded our observations in our book.


Social Studies – Our train tour through America has been put on a temporary (one of our vocabulary words this week) hold as we get ready for International Day. Class 4B will be studying Korea. The students are very excited to be studying Korea and have all chosen a specific aspect of Korean culture to research. Their first question was “do we get to eat kimchi?” I lived in Korea for 3 years so I’m excited to share some of my knowledge about Korean culture and history.

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Weekly Overview November 3rd



  • Report Cards will go home this week.
  • There is no school on Friday for Parent/Teacher Conferences.
  • Even though Reading Month is over students should still be reading every day. 


Language Arts – In Reader’s Workshop we will start to work on writing down our thoughts and questions about what we are reading in our reader’s notebook. Last week, we brainstormed the different ways we could respond to our readings in our notebooks. Students will work on making lists, writing questions, thoughts, feelings, making drawings about what we read , writing the author a letter and finally gathering seeds if we are inspired to write a story about what we read.

For writing we will be revising the stories we wrote last week based on the book Tuesday. Students were asked to make up their own story as this book has very few words. We will peer edit and finally type up our stories for publication. Be sure to ask your student to tell you about their story.


Math – In math we will finally be taking our Unit 3 test after some delay for the book fair and Rhino assembly. The test will be taken over two days on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be reviewing on Monday. Over the weekend students should be memorizing their multiplication facts and practicing word problems as that will be the focus of the Unit 3 test. On Thursday we will introduce Unit 4 which focuses on decimals.


Science – In science we are continuing to review what a scientist does and how to conduct an investigation. We will be doing an experiment to test how matter changes using water and salt. We will continue to work on our Interactive Notebooks. We will also be conducting an experiment to measure the height of a bouncing ball on different surfaces.


Social Studies – We are going to spend more time studying the Northeast Region of the United States. Last week, students picked a place the wanted to visit in the Northeast, by far New York City was the most popular choice but this week we will be focusing on Boston, Massachusetts and its role in US history.


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