Courage Assembly, Informational Writing, and Science Experiments


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Hello from Class 4B,


Many exciting things happening in the elementary school recently and in the coming weeks:


Courage Assembly

For those of you who could not attend last week’s assembly, hosted by 4A, 4B, and 5B, it was a raging success, with musical numbers, powerful class-made videos, and live interactive skits. Class 4B wrote, acted in, and recorded not one but two moving plays about the importance of demonstrating courage in difficult situations, which were well-received by all in attendance. You can view them here and here.



We have just begun a new unit on informational writing. Over the next month, we will be close-reading and analyzing informational texts, such as biographies, journal and newspaper articles, encyclopedia entries, and short topic-specific books. Alongside our reading, we will be working over the long-term to produce informational texts of our own on subjects of interest. So, needless to say, the next month will be quite intense.


Science Experiments

The TAS Science Fair is just around the corner and Class 4B is in the process of brainstorming and designing group science projects. The scientific method is the current focus in science class, as we formulate scientific questions, devise experiments to answer our questions, and make informed predictions as to the outcomes of our experiments. Parents, if you would like to get involved or discuss science experiments with your child,  you can find information about the scientific method and possible ideas for science fair projects here.


That’s all for now. Please, stayed tuned for pictures from the upcoming science fair and videos from the assembly.



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