Museum of Vietnamese History, Sound waves, and Christmas Events


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The holidays are right around the corner with many exciting things in store for class 4B:


Social Studies

We’re focusing on the role of the historian, specifically what kinds of questions guide historical research and how historians go about answering these questions. Last week we learned about primary and secondary sources and the ways in which historians use them to investigate and reconstruct the past. Next Wednesday we will be putting our historian skills to use during a visit to the Museum of Vietnamese History to see some historical artifacts up close.



Tuesday morning at 9:45am we will be having our unit 4 math test. This will cover

  1. Decimals through the thousandths
  2. Comparing and ordering decimals and fractions
  3. Adding and subtracting decimals
  4. Measuring objects to the nearest centimeter
  5. Word problems containing decimals



The past two weeks of science have been geared towards understanding the nature of sound, specifically how sound can be described as compression waves propagating through a medium. In class, we’ve done several hands-on activities to demonstrate how sound travels and how the pitch of a sound is related to the corresponding sound wave’s wavelength. Plastic cup telephones, balloons, and jump ropes were involved. Parents, ask your kids about it.



We’re continuing our study of traditional stories and finally beginning to turn our extensive pre-writing into drafts of traditional stories of our own. Next week will include¬†building a traditional story as a class, focusing on some of the finer elements of traditional stories, and two writing workshops focusing on story structure.



Come out to the Winter Concert next Friday at 8:00am to watch our students perform some holiday favorites. They’ve been working very hard and it promises to be a great show. Not to be missed! That’s all for now. Have a great weekend. Homework below:



Weekend Homework:

Math: Review for test

ELA: Raz-Kids (your level or one level above) 1 hour.







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