Folktales, Social Science, and Decimals


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Hello All,

Here’s what’s been happening with 4B!

In English class, we have begun a study of traditional stories, that is, folktales, fairy tales, myths, legends, and fables. Over the next month, we will be reading and analyzing many of these, both as a class and at home, with the ultimate goal of each student creating a traditional story of his own.

Our Social Studies unit on culture and cultural diffusion ended this week with all students doing quite well on the cumulative test. Today we began our study of the branches of the social sciences, by looking at the kinds of things political scientists, historians, economists, and geographers want to know when studying a  place or group of people. To begin this endeavor, we will focus on what historians do, by analyzing primary and secondary sources and creating theories about the past.

Math class now has us representing parts of numbers with both fractional and decimal notation, bringing the process to life with money, games, and math toys.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for stopping by and, students, don’t forget your homework.



Weekend Homework

Math: IXL T.4 T.6 T.7

ELA: RAZ Kids 45 minutes

Social Studies: Answer one of your social science questions about HCMC.



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