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I am happy to announce that the 4B Edublog is now up and running. This blog will be used to communicate to the school community all of the wonderful and exciting things being done in our classroom this year. So check in whenever you like for posts, pictures, links and more. We should be updating at least once-a-week from here on out. (You will also be able to find homework and in-class assignments here, should a school day be missed.)


This week in class news:

In keeping with the spirit of the approaching celebration of Halloween, our ELA class has turned its narrative writing focus towards the study and development of SCARY STORIES.

During our meetings, we are currently looking at how scary stories are structured and how authors use different literary techniques to create tension and suspense. After having read and analyzed several scary short stories as a class, we are now beginning the pre-writing phase of producing scary stories of our own. This weekend, we will organize our ideas for characters, setting, conflict, and major events using story maps, and, come next Monday morning, begin first drafts of our stories using the story maps as outlines.

In science class,we are currently studying the anatomy and functioning of mammals’ eyes. Last week, we investigated how a human’s cornea lens, pupil, and retina use light to send information about reality to the brain. This week we’re looking at how pupils change in size to regulate the amount of light hitting the retina and optimize vision. In order to do so we have made model eyeballs with changeable pupils, using paper, sunlight, and magnifying glasses to produce images by focusing sunlight on paper.

In social studies, we’ve just begun to explore the idea of culture. After identifying and naming the many aspects of culture, today we each began research on a culture of our choice. Using iPads that we checked out from the school’s library, we researched the traditional foods, dances, architecture, religion, language, etc. of our chosen culture group, and today began to create culture posters illustrating the four aspects of that culture which we find most interesting. Moving forward we will be examining how aspects of different cultures spread and influence one another over time.

Last but not least, math. We’ve just come to the close of a unit on organizing data using bar graphs and line plots. This week, after a day of review games, we’ve gotten into factors, multiples, and prime numbers. Everyone picked up on these concepts very quickly and was quick to demonstrate their understanding through a prime number counting game.

With many interesting projects, stories, and scientific investigations on the way, we have much to look forward to in the days to come.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for stopping by!


Parents, next Friday is Parent-Teacher Conferences. I look forward to meeting you all there.


Weekend Homework:

ELA: Write out one of the major events in your story map. Include descriptive words, dialogue, actions, and the thoughts and feelings of your characters.

Math: IXL A5 – Prime and Composite Numbers

Read Read Read (for at least 2 hours this weekend).



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