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Weekly Overview: Week of May 18th



  • Please make sure to return signed Friday Folders and Unit 8 Math tests.
  • ixl.com homework is assigned every night please make sure your student is practicing for at least 20 minutes.
  • We will have an extra PE class on Tuesday have your student wear their PE uniform that day.

Language Arts – After our visit to Three Broomsticks Town last week we will be brainstorming and starting our first draft of our fantasy stories. We continue to study and identify text features of the fantasy genre. Every student should have a fantasy book to read every week. In our Word Work we move onto Unit 6 in Book 2 From Beginning to End, all of words this week are rooted in Latin words meaning either beginning or end.

Math – We will finish Unit 9 this week and take our test next week. This week we move on from percents and conversion to multiplying and dividing decimals. We will use partial product and partial quotients methods to solve decimal number stories.

Science – Our study of Energy continues this week. We missed a few Science classes last week due to field trips so our focus on light energy will continue through this week.

Social Studies – We are moving onto the Midwest in our study of the US Regions. We will do a geography challenge to orient ourselves to the geography of the Midwest. In Character Education this week we are focusing on learning to appreciate the little things in life because someday we may realize those were the big things.

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