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Weekly Overview Week of May 11th



  • Our field trip to 3 Brooms Town is on Tuesday. Please make sure you have returned a signed permission slip form. Lunch will be provided at 3 Brooms Town.
  • The annual school bowling trip will be on Friday afternoon at Diamond Plaza in District 1
  • On Thursday 4B will be hosting 2 students who might join TAS next year with us in 5th grade.


Language Arts – We continue to study the fantasy genre. On Tuesday we will have the opportunity to get inspired at 3 Brooms Town and on Wednesday we will begin by planning out the beginning, middle, and end of our fantasy stories. Students will use a graphic organizer to help them organize their story. Our Word Work this week studies book 2 unit 5 Head to Toe. Our root words are about our head, hands, and feet.

Math – Unit 9 continues this week. We will continue practicing how to convert fractions, decimals, and percents. On Wednesday we will get to use the data from a survey we did last week asking all of our friends and teachers certain questions.

Science – We are still studying energy in science. This week we will focus on light energy. Students will be able to identify what a prism is and compare different colored light waves.

Social Studies – We will only have Social Studies once this week due to our field trips. We will continue to focus on character education and talk about what makes each one of us special and important.

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