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TAS June Newsletter


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Heartbeat Vietnam Week


Heartbeat Theme Days

Heartbeat Activities

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Weekly Overview Week of June 1st



  • It’s Heartbeat Vietnam week. TAS will be having a lot of activities that will give students an opportunity to donate money. Donation envelopes went home on Friday.
  • Everyday is a different dress-up day this week. Please pay 20,000 vnd to dress up.
  • Unit 9 Math tests will go home this week please sign and return them.

Language Arts – Our fantasy stories are really coming along and we will work on editing our first drafts this week. Our mini-lessons this week focus on finding the morals and lessons in stories we’ve read and being able to support that with details from the stories. In our Word Work this week we will be studying book 2 unit 8, “If You Build it…” All of our words this week are rooted in Latin words about building or shaping things.

Math – We started Unit 10 last week and will finish it this week. We are using transparent mirrors to learn about reflection and lines of symmetry. We will take our Unit 10 test the week after as we gear up for summer.

Science – Our study of energy continues. We are learning about sound energy. Students will learn that sounds come from vibrations. We will also learn about how to measure sound.

Social Studies – Our crop duster tour through the Midwest stops in Chicago where we will learn about O’hare airport and Wrigley Field (one of Ms. Brigid’s favorite places in Chicago). In Character Education we are talking about what it means to be a good friend and how we can practice that in our lives.

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Weekly Overview, Week of May 25th



  • Unit 9 math test will be taken on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ll be sending home a review packet on Monday. Please make sure your student is practicing on ixl.com.
  • Please return signed Friday Folders.
  • Our Heartbeat Vietnam fundraising week will begin next week.

Language Arts – This week in the study of the fantasy genre we are focusing on using descriptive language to show not tell our readers the setting of our story. We will finish typing up our first drafts of our fantasy stories. In Word Work this week we move onto Book 2 Unit 7 Look, But Don’t Touch. Our root words this week come from Latin and Greek and mean to look, touch, examine and view.

Math – The beginning of the week will be spent preparing for and taking our Unit 9 math test. At the end of the week we will move onto Unit 10 which studies reflections and symmetry.

Science – We will finish up our study of sound energy. Students will be able to describe sound energy and explain how it is produced.

Social Studies – Our Midwest crop duster tour stops in St. Louis, Missouri and Iowa this week. David’s brother lives in Iowa so we are all very excited to learn about it. In Character Education we are talking about the things we love to do and how we can hopefully one day turn that into our career.


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Week of May 4th & 11th

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Weekly Overview: Week of May 18th



  • Please make sure to return signed Friday Folders and Unit 8 Math tests.
  • ixl.com homework is assigned every night please make sure your student is practicing for at least 20 minutes.
  • We will have an extra PE class on Tuesday have your student wear their PE uniform that day.

Language Arts – After our visit to Three Broomsticks Town last week we will be brainstorming and starting our first draft of our fantasy stories. We continue to study and identify text features of the fantasy genre. Every student should have a fantasy book to read every week. In our Word Work we move onto Unit 6 in Book 2 From Beginning to End, all of words this week are rooted in Latin words meaning either beginning or end.

Math – We will finish Unit 9 this week and take our test next week. This week we move on from percents and conversion to multiplying and dividing decimals. We will use partial product and partial quotients methods to solve decimal number stories.

Science – Our study of Energy continues this week. We missed a few Science classes last week due to field trips so our focus on light energy will continue through this week.

Social Studies – We are moving onto the Midwest in our study of the US Regions. We will do a geography challenge to orient ourselves to the geography of the Midwest. In Character Education this week we are focusing on learning to appreciate the little things in life because someday we may realize those were the big things.

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TAS May Newsletter


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Weekly Overview Week of May 11th



  • Our field trip to 3 Brooms Town is on Tuesday. Please make sure you have returned a signed permission slip form. Lunch will be provided at 3 Brooms Town.
  • The annual school bowling trip will be on Friday afternoon at Diamond Plaza in District 1
  • On Thursday 4B will be hosting 2 students who might join TAS next year with us in 5th grade.


Language Arts – We continue to study the fantasy genre. On Tuesday we will have the opportunity to get inspired at 3 Brooms Town and on Wednesday we will begin by planning out the beginning, middle, and end of our fantasy stories. Students will use a graphic organizer to help them organize their story. Our Word Work this week studies book 2 unit 5 Head to Toe. Our root words are about our head, hands, and feet.

Math – Unit 9 continues this week. We will continue practicing how to convert fractions, decimals, and percents. On Wednesday we will get to use the data from a survey we did last week asking all of our friends and teachers certain questions.

Science – We are still studying energy in science. This week we will focus on light energy. Students will be able to identify what a prism is and compare different colored light waves.

Social Studies – We will only have Social Studies once this week due to our field trips. We will continue to focus on character education and talk about what makes each one of us special and important.

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Weekly Overview Week of May 4th



  • Welcome back I hope everyone had a great spring break.
  • Please make sure your student returned their Friday Folder.
  • We have a field trip the 3 Brooms Town next Tuesday. Permission slips will be going home this week.

Language Arts – This week in our fantasy unit we will focus on identifying the problems or adventures characters face in a fantasy story. We will also talk about the endings in fantasy story and how they differ from realistic fiction. In our Word Work this week we will study Book 2 Unit 4 A Matter of Life and Death. All of our root words deal with life or death.

Math – We will start Unit 9 this week. Unit 9 circles back to fractions and decimals. We will get more in-depth into this two strands and learn how to multiply decimals.

Science – Our energy unit continues and we will focus on energy and heat. We will learn the difference between convection and conduction.

Social Studies – We wrap our river boat tour of the Southeast this week. In Character Education we will talk about all the special things that make us each unique.

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Weeks of April 13th & 20th

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