Happy Spring Break!!

Another busy (partial) week is coming to an end here in TAS Class 4A. After an excellent trip to Dong Nai Province last Thursday and Friday, we’re embarking on another extended holiday for Spring Break.

What did we get up to this week in class?

ELA – Students continued working on their informational reports that they’ve built into Powerpoint “books”. Today, we learned how to use an online tool to create our bibliography citations quickly. Next week, we will finish proofreading and publish our final products.

Math – We’ve begun Unit 7 which deals with fractions and probability. Today we analyzed a deck of playing cards and figured out the probability of drawing different suits, face cards, colors, and numbers. Students got to learn that probability is just that; sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don’t. The odds do not always match the outcome.

Science – Students have been investigating what sound is and how it travels. We built telephones and compared different materials to see which ones conducted sound better.

When we return from Spring Break:

Earth Week – April 17th-21st 

Recyclable Art Competition- students have been instructed to collect recyclable materials to create upcycled art for a campus-wide contest being held throughout Earth Week. Please see my pinterest board to get some ideas.


Stuff Swap – In an effort to practice one of the “Three Rs” – “Reuse”, students are asked to bring gently used books, toys, or clothes to swap with each other and avoid throwing them out throughout the week of April 17-21st. All remaining items on Friday will be donated to charity.

That about wraps things up. Please enjoy a safe and pleasurable Spring Break!

-Ms. Corie

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