And the winner is….Mads – Purple Party!!

This week, our class synthesized the American presidential election experience in select our Fitness Friday policy supported by candidates. At the beginning of the week, students became familiar with their designated parties : Purple Party and Orange Party. Purple Party candidates were meant to value creativity, competition, and liberty. Orange Party candidates were meant to value equality and cooperation. Students ran for a primary election and voted for their favorite party candidate according to the values and policy they supported most. In the running for the Purple Party was Haylie Chong. The candidate selected for Orange Party was Mads Vikkelsoe. Students then created campaign materials such as press releases, tweets, bumper stickers, and t-shirts as seen below. 

Today, students reviewed and selected voting rules. They then cast their ballots with the freedom to choose whichever candidate represented them best. It was a tie vote, in the end, which was settled by a coin toss. Mads Vikkelsoe for Orange Party was declared the winner. Our new Fitness Friday policy will be a bit more democratic. Students will get to vote for their favorite of three options and then everyone will be required to participate. Not all were satisfied with the results, but I think they learned a valuable lesson on the value of democracy and also some of its pitfalls.

Next week, students will get a better idea of how the Vietnamese governments fits into what we’ve been learning.

In math, students will wrap up Unit 6. Please encourage your child to continue reviewing and practicing strategies for long division and angle measuring skills learned in this unit before the test on Thursday.

In ELA, students will continue researching for their informative text presentation/poster. Ask your child about their chosen topic. They have been asked to continue and supplement their in-class research with online research at home. I’ve also let students know that if they choose to make a poster rather than a powerpoint, they will need to supply their own paper. I’m hoping students can have an opportunity to work online for this assignment. If you have any issues or questions about this activity, please ask me.

Finally, in science, we will be solving another science mystery and learning how engineers decide on where and how to add hills to roller coasters.

Please be reminded that Friday the 24th of next week will be a teacher in-service day and there will be no  classes. We hope everyone enjoys a little break after working so hard these last few weeks.

Until next week! – Ms. Corie