Christmas Concert (Non-TAS)

Hello 4A friends and families. Mr. Kiegan Page of the drama department at TAS has recently shared this Christmas choral and orchestral event with us teachers and I’d like to pass it on to you. It looks like a lovely evening!

Click the image below to link to the website for more information.


Rockin’ Through Week 15

It’s been another great week for 4a. Our students started off the week very calmly and were uncharacteristically well-behaved and almost TOO quiet. It seems they are really beginning to get used to expectations of the classroom. We’ve also been talking a lot about respect in and out of the classroom, and students have been reminded of how to respect their learning environment for the benefit of all.

Which brings us to what we’ve been learning:

ELA – Students continue to pre-write for their traditional tale. So far, students have planned for their main character/s, the moral of their story, possible problems and solutions that might teach that moral, and they’ve begun to plan for and sequence their main events. Next week, we will begin drafting the stories. In the meantime, we continue to enjoy reading and discussing different traditional tales together and individually in class. To strengthen our grammar, students have begun to review the parts of speech. To practice this, they are learning to diagram sentences, which looks something like this:

diagrammed-sentenceIt’s pretty tricky business, but we hope students will better recognize parts of speech and learn how to put together more sophisticated sentences through practicing this every day.


Math – Students have continued work with Unit 4 : Decimals and Metric Measurement. We have been figuring out how to determine the value of a decimal by using base ten blocks. We’re also learning how to add and subtract money and have practiced balancing a bank account for real-world practice.

Science – For our Earth Science Unit, students have been working through various mysteries to understand how our rock cycle works. They’ve mapped out volcanoes around the world to predict whether one could pop up in their own neighborhood. They’ve learned about different types of lava. This week, they investigated how weathering works, and concluded that mountains will not last forever. Next week, we’ll consider engineering practices to help people avoid landslides.

Social Studies – We’ve wrapped up our unit on culture. This week, students figured out how norms and taboos of different cultures may make them feel uncomfortable, but should still be respected. In a sense, they’re beginning to understand some basics of cultural relativism, but they were given a chance to discuss their own perceptions of different cultural practices. Next, we’ll look more closely at why it’s important for social scientists to study history.


It’s been a busy week with Thanksgiving and the November Respect Assembly. Next week should be calmer, but we’re also gearing up towards the end of the first term and the winter holidays. Christmas is just around the corner!

In the meantime, a belated Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday to all!

-Ms. Corie

Terry Fox Run

UPDATE: We’re pleased to announce that our TAS family has raised over 20 Million VND so far for the Terry Fox cause. We hope some of our families will be getting out to take part in this charity event this weekend.


The 20th Annual Terry Fox Run is here again! TAS has been a huge supporter of the Terry Fox Run for many years and this year is no exception! All money raised will be donated to cancer research in Vietnam through the Terry Fox Foundation. This is a great opportunity for our students and families to get out and about, to encourage school spirit and to support a great cause.

Date: Sunday, November 27, 2016
Time: 7:15 AM
Location: Sushi Bar, 73 Hoang Van Thai, District 7

On event day, TAS meeting location will be in front of Sushi Bar restaurant on 73 Hoang Van Thai Street. From there, we will walk over as a group to the starting line about 2 blocks away. It is essential that all students are accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their whereabouts at all times. This is not a “drop-off” event. Our teachers and coaches, Mr. Rasul Buisan, will be supervising this event.


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Week 13/14 – Building Civilizations Together

Mads & Annie figuring out what to do with all their resources.

Mads & Annie figuring out what to do with all their resources.


Ryan, Jeremy, Anh, and Adrian work hard building electrical wires, water features, and slides for fun.


Last week and today, students have been working to create their own civilizations. The end goal is for them to understand how civilizations develop with influence from their geography and with limited resources. Students worked to choose a selected amount of resources and build various features for life and which demonstrated some aspect of the culture of their people. Today, they were given the opportunity to trade. Tomorrow, students will discover the pain of conflict. In addition to the influence of geography and limited resources, students are getting an opportunity to see how trade and conflict can promote cultural diffusion. Later this week, they will understand how these two things have influenced the national identity of Vietnam.

They showed great teamwork and I’m so proud of their efforts in class. You should be, too!


In ELA, we’re just delving into our unit on traditional literature. We’ve been reading a variety of fairy tales, legends, and myths. Students will begin pre-writing tomorrow to develop their own traditional tale.

In math, students have just wrapped up Unit 3 which examined the relationship between multiplication and division and gave them an opportunity to begin algebraic thinking by working with unknown variables and parentheses. Today, we began work with decimals. Please encourage your child to continue their hard work practicing with IXL. I’ve also posted two videos from Khan Academy which review the basics of decimals and decimal place value on my Youtube playlist.

We’ve got a busy week ahead of us, but it’s already off to a great start. We hope you all have had a great Monday as well!

Wild Rhino Contest

Dear TAS Families,

Last Friday, the organization Wild Rhino visited TAS to encourage our students to support and take part in their cause. Unfortunately, their visit was late notice and our 4th graders were unable to attend the assembly. Below are the guidelines for participating in their competition, which offers various rewards to participants who win. Please contact me for further information.

“As for the junior competition:

_ Age: under 15 yrs

_ Competition entry:

a.     Visit the website
Rhinos are wonderful parents. What do you think this mom and baby are saying to each other? The best answer will win a Rhino Ranger key ring! Please visit our website …


b.     Fill in personal details

c.     Draw a picture of a Rhino

d.     Upload on website

e.     Stand a chance to win a Rhino Ranger Goodie Bag

_ Entries Open: 4 November 2016

_ Entries Close: 2 December 2016

For further details about Rhino competition such as brochure, manual, presentation…kindly visit the link below:

Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station Field Trip

Happy Friday! We’ve all just returned from a long journey to and from the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station. I think all the students learned a lot, and even though I heard more than a few complaints, we passed our time with no rain, beautiful and rare  animals, and a nice lunch to top it off! A lesson was learned today, however. Grade 4 will stick closer to home for our next field trip. It was worth it for many students, but long bus rides do not agree with others. For now, I encourage parents to ask their children to ask their kids about what they saw and learned today, as we were only able to debrief as a combined class for a short time upon returning.

I’m including a link to a slide presentation with more pictures of our trip. Enjoy your weekend!


Ms. Corie’s Youtube Channel

For those students who have access to Youtube, I have decided to start a playlist with supplemental educational videos that support our current curriculum. I will be adding new videos as we cover new concepts. This is one way we can engage young learners to review and discover new content in a way that appeals to them.  If you don’t allow your child to regularly view Youtube, you might find some time to sit down with them and view some of these videos together. I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable!

Here is the link to my playlist: