September Assembly this Friday

reading-monthDear TAS Families,

This Friday, TAS Elementary (ES) will hold its September Student of the Month Assembly! We would like to invite you to join us for this celebration. This month, we will recognize students who have exemplified our September character trait, integrity.

We will also be giving out the awards for Reading Month: Most Minutes Read by class, Most Minutes Read by Students, and the Bookmark Design Contest winner.  The 3A and 5A classes will be performing a song.

Please join us on Friday morning, September 30th, at 8:00am on the ES campus.


TAS Reading Month Committee


Kính gửi Quý phụ huynh học sinh,

Khối Tiểu học sẽ tổ chức Tổng kết và tuyên dương học sinh giỏi của tháng 9 vào thứ Sáu tuần này! Nhà trường trân trọng mời Quý phụ huynh đến tham gia. Những học sinh được tuyên dương trong tháng đã thể hiện tính chính trực (chủ đề của tháng 9).

Đồng thời, nhà trường sẽ khen thưởng những thành tích đạt được trong Tháng đọc sách: Lớp học có thời lượng đọc sách nhiều nhất, học sinh có thời lượng đọc sách nhiều nhất và người chiến thắng cuộc thi thiết kế thẻ đánh dấu trang. Sau đó, học sinh lớp 3A và lớp 5A sẽ cùng biểu diễn tiết mục hát.

Xin trân trọng mời Quý vị đến tham gia vào lúc 8g sáng thứ Sáu, ngày 30/09 tại cơ sở Tiểu học.

Trân trọng,

Ủy ban tổ chức Chương trình Tháng Đọc sách trường quốc tế TAS

WEEK 6 – Do you have dimples?

Another week has come and gone. It was full of dancing, dragons, and possibly a stomachache from eating too many moon cakes.

I was amazed by the 4th grade performance at our Moon Festival ceremony on Thursday. The students put so much hard work into learning their routine, and I’m happy to report that their performance was one of the favorites for the audience. Here are some still shots from the day. I will post the video of the performance as soon as I can get it off of my camera phone. :/

The lion dance on the MSHS soccer field thrilled students of all ages. Our class up close and personal, at times to their own detriment. :)

The lion dance on the MSHS soccer field thrilled students of all ages. Our class up close and personal, at times to their own detriment. 🙂


It wasn’t all fun and festivities, though. We also had to make time for serious learning.

In ELA this week, we’ve been doing some pre-writing in preparation for the writing of personal narratives. Students analyzed how authors of personal narratives use feelings and emotions when writing about their experiences and memories that are close to their hearts. That got us thinking about our own memories, and all the different feelings we experienced in those moments. Students planted those seeds of thought in their writing notebook. We’ll come back to them next week to start outlining our personal narrative stories.

In math, students have continued work with place value and got practice writing numbers in expanded form. Today, they got a sweet treat to help motivate them to estimate, collect sets of numerical data, and recognize the “landmarks” of that data, which are minimum, maximum, range, mode, mean, and median. It’s a lot to remember, so I’ve asked them to get extra practice on IXL over the weekend.


Sunny counts and re-counts her Fruit Loops to check how close she was to her estimate.

Sunny counts and re-counts her Fruit Loops to check how close she was to her estimate.

In science, students are working with more collection of data and the study of inheritance. They’re finding out what influences our physical traits, and how some traits can give living things an advantage over others and therefore become more common. They surveyed each other to find out how common or rare it is to have curly hair, a cleft chin, or the ability to roll one’s own tongue. It was a pretty fun way to find out how we have our own special set of characteristics.


In social studies, we’ve continued work with maps. Students got a lot of practice identifying the continents, oceans, and hemispheres of the earth. We learned about the global grid that’s made up of lines of latitude and longitude, and how we can use that to find exact locations around the globe. It was a challenge for many students, but they can get extra practice with this game and others online.

Overall, it was another challenging but fun week, and we’re really starting to see progress and learning in all of the students. We hope everyone has a restful and happy weekend, and look forward to week 7.


Signing off…. Ms. Corie



Week 5 : Reading Week!

It’s Friday again, and we’ve just completed a very active and interesting week of learning. We had a great time with all of the events and different dress-up days for Reading Week. Today, we wrapped up the school week with some visitors for our Read Aloud Friday.

In the morning, Ky Nam’s auntie came to read aloud to the students. She read us a personal narrative story where the writer recalls the sounds and feelings of childhood nights in the countryside. After she finished, the students had the opportunity to ask some questions and find out more about her memories as a young person. It was so nice to have a visitor in this way, and so I’ll keep the invitation open to parents or family members who would like to be a guest reader in our morning literacy lessons. Please send me a line if this is something you’d like to try.


A read aloud from a guest is always welcome!

A read aloud from a guest is always welcome!


In the afternoon, Ms. Aubrey’s grade 6 students came over from the middle high school to read to us, too. We paired students randomly by pulling out their books. This means that some of the boys were stuck reading princess stories to their younger audience, but they embraced their duty fully and everyone seemed to have fun reading aloud and being read to.

Two 6th graders take turns reading to Di

Two 6th graders take turns reading to Di

Adrian and Jack listen intently to their older guests reading books from our library

Adrian and Jack listen intently to their older guests reading books from our library

In Math this week, students have begun working with different names for numbers and understanding more about the many uses of numbers. They learned a new card game that helped them get lots of practice creating equivalent expressions.

In Science, students have been working towards the creation of an insect of their design which has adaptations appropriate to its environment. Some students created a monstrous insect that could mow the lawn. Others created an insect that lived in the arctic and ate dead animals. The results were impressive all around, and I hope that the students have really begun to understand the importance of adaptations in plants, animals, and insects.



Jack and Jeremy recreate their 2D insect design with 3D objects

Jack and Jeremy recreate their 2D insect design with 3D objects


In Social Studies, we wrapped up the ESLRs unit that we started in August. We were able to get a little practice in working with maps and figuring out how to read a grid. Next week, we will apply those skills to learning the continents, oceans, and how to find locations on Earth with latitude and longitude.

Overall, it was a really dynamic week, and we had a ton of fun! We’ll do our best to make next week just as exciting.  In the meantime, please remind your child to keep on reading. Our goal is 60 minutes per day, and we are counting on students to be honest in their reporting of minutes. They can keep in mind that time spent reading for homework can count towards their reading goal.

Until week 6…

Ms. Corie



Week 4 & National Day

Mads has created a very aesthetic mind map about aesthetics.


Linh’s story must be something about cupcakes.Sounds delicious! 


Benjamin considers his illustration for his next story.

Week 4 brought many interesting activities, but it was hard to finish all the the learning goals for August by the end of the week and before the holidays, so the students worked hard for the four days of school.

In Reading, students stopped to consider what the difference is between fiction and non-fiction, and students identified their own reading books as one or the other. We also discussed why people might choose to stop reading a book and they learned that it’s okay to “give up” if a book is too difficult or not interesting to them.

In writing, students were given a challenging new set of 20 spelling words. They will be getting a new list each week to review through the week and then test on Friday. We encourage parents to review those words with their children so that they can memorize some of the spelling conventions of the very challenging English language.

In Math, students wrapped up their Unit 1 on geometry and took the Unit 1 test on Thursday before the holiday. This week, we will begin working with number theory. They will review place value and begin to understand how numbers are classified.

In Social Studies, students will have a final review of the ESLRs before we begin our first content unit of Map Skills.  Our class will work with maps of all kinds to learn more about where we are in the world and how to find just exactly where the places we “travel” to in class readings are.

Finally, in Science, we continued our work with adaptations. Students learned about how different animals and plants have behaviors and body parts that help them to survive. This week, they will continue their work with adaptations by designing a superpowered insect.


On top of everything else, this week is Reading Week. We will begin our annual Read-A-Thon where individual classes will compete against each other to see who can read the most in the month of September. I’ve asked all students to honestly report their daily reading in a reading log they will keep at home. Each day, I ask that an adult at home signs their book log (seen below) to bring back at the end of the week. They can include any kind of reading they do throughout the day in their total. Our goal is to have ach student reading 60 minutes or more each day. We know they can do it! Please encourage them to try hard so our class can win a pizza party at the end of the month.

Please sign this sheet each night.

Please sign this sheet each night.


Signing off…


Ms. Corie