Class 4A’s First Week – Week 3

It was difficult to say goodbye to some of the fast friend’s we’d made in the first two weeks of school, but the split of the Grade 4 class into two new classes: 4A and 4B, has been going very smoothly. Our classroom environment has improved and students are getting much more one-on-one time with the teachers.

So, where do we begin? The first two weeks were mainly about getting to know school and classroom rules, expectations for ourselves, investigating how we learn best, and just getting to know each other and have fun.

This third week, we’re really starting to dig into the curriculum for this year. Grade 4 students have been getting familiar with the Reading and Writing Workshop.

In reading, they have learned how to choose a “good fit” book, how to reflect on their feelings as they read, and how to do a “5 finger retell”. All these skills are meant to keep students reading actively, and our class has been doing a great job.

In writing, students have developed idea bank lists that they can refer to for free writing time. Some of our students love to write stories. Some like to write about real people they know or what they do on the weekend. This week, we’ve begun our first writing assessment to see where students will need extra help throughout the year.

In math, we’ve started off the year with the very useful study of geometry. Students are learning about classifying lines, angles, and polygons. This week we’ve practiced using a compass to make circles, and we created geometric designs with the new shapes we’ve been studying.

In science, students had spent the first two weeks learning about the scientific method, how to ask scientific questions, and tools of the trade. This week, we’ve started our first unit of content dealing with living things in their environment. Students are learning about how adaptations help living things survive in their respective environments. They had their first group lab experience on Thursday. There was a bit of trouble following procedure, so we’ll work on that. Students found out how a fish’s air bladder helps it to float up or sink down.


Students may have had more fun playing with the water than learning about a fish, bladder. 🙂


Hailey works hard to use the compass and polygons for her geometric design.