Grade 3A

The American School of Vietnam

Lesson Overview (Week of Nov.28th – Dec. 2nd)


L.A. –  The Grade 3’s are practicing building their stamina by reading silently for 30 minutes everyday. The students are also focusing on their books and practicing the lessons they are learning in Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop. Students have also been working in their new BrainQuest books and have spelling assignments each night for homework. On Friday’s we have our spelling test.

Math –Students completed their math test for unit 4 and have started working in Unit 5 – place Value

Science – Students have started learning about the water cycle. We watched a “Mystery Science” video and were able to conduct an experiment – Where do clouds come from?



Social Studies – Students completed chapter 7 – How are People Alike and Different Around the World” – They are now choosing which student they like the most from around the world and are making poster with the similarities and differences between them and the chosen student in the text book.

Fitness Friday – GoNoodle Video







Lesson Overview (Week of May 9th-May 13th)


Welcome Back!

Before the break, we had a Student of the Month awards. Adrian and Anh from grade 3 won the awards for demonstrating compassion.


L.A. –  The Grade 3’s are practicing building their stamina by reading silently for 35 minutes everyday. The students are also focusing on their books and practicing the lessons they are learning in Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop.

This week, students started learning about Fantasy Genre. first, we identified character traits and how do we form an opinion about that character.

Working together to find character feelings and students had to identify the settings of the story and decide if it is realistic or fantasy.

20160509_090151 20160509_090200


Math –Students completed Unit 9 and had a review and a test. We are now moving onto Unit 10 – Measurement.

Science – Students are learning about Earth’s landforms. The class has been studying about volcanoes and watched an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

We also had Earth Day! Students worked on a paper that told different ways to help the Earth. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Social Studies – Students are reviewing chapter 3 about natural resources, climate and physical features in a certain place. They are now working on making a travel brochure for aliens to come to a certain planet and explaining the planets features!


Lesson Overview (Week of February 22nd-26th)


Today we had our monthly assembly and student of the month.

Congratulations Bradley on earning the student of the month for February. Bradley demonstrated courage by always trying to do better and learn more and more. Way to go Bradley!

20160227_081951 20160227_082003


Lesson Overview:

L.A. –  The Grade 3’s are practicing building their stamina by reading silently for 35 minutes everyday. The students are also focusing on their books and practicing the lessons they are learning in Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop. This week, students are focusing on “Informational” reading and on Word Choice in writing. Students have finished writing their  personal narrative stories using the lessons learned from reading and writing workshop.

Students silent reading and reading their stories out loud to one another….

20160227_083314 20160227_083322 20160227_092544 20160227_092549

Math –Students completed Unit 6 and had a review and then the test this week. Next week, we will start Unit 7, Patterns in Products.

Science – The students completed the unit on life cycles and made posters. We will have a test next week on the chapter. Grade 3 will also begin working on their science fair projects for the science fair in March. The project must be a science experiment.

Social Studies – Students learned about a country’s economy and now we are learning about public and private services available in communities.

Lesson Overview (October 26th-30th)


Happy Halloween!!

Today we had our Student of the Month/Halloween Assembly and Halloween Parties

Congratulations Ryan for being this month’s STUDENT OF THE MONTH! Ryan received this award for showing perseverance and never giving up. Way to go Ryan!

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L.A. –  The Grade 3’s are practicing building their stamina by reading silently for 35 minutes everyday. The students are also focusing on their books and practicing the lessons they are learning in Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop. This week we focused on Bold Beginnings and Excellent Endings.

Math – We reviewed different methods for addition and subtraction with practice on IXL and math worksheets. The students did well on their second math test. Next week, we will start learning about measurement.

Science – We began our study on Australia and the students have taken a great interest in Australia’s wildlife. Next week, they will choose an animal to research and make a poster for international day!

Social Studies – We started chapter 1 in our Social Studies books and we learned about where in the world are we? Students learned about the 4 hemispheres, the 4 oceans and 7 continents. We also started focusing on Australia for International Day.

Lesson Overview (March 6th/2015)


Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break! The students seem excited to be back and haven fallen back into the groove of things quickly!

Language Arts:

This week students will get their new spelling words on Monday and take their test on Friday. Students will spend Language Arts working on the Daily 5 through “Read to Self”, “Read to Someone”, “Listen to Reading”, “Work on Writing”, “Word Work”, and “Work with Teacher”.  We will complete writing our short stories with a focus on voice.


We will continue working in Chapter 6: Geometry. We will spend some time reviewing what we learned before break, and begin learning about angles and turns.

Students reviewing mulitplication facts by playing multiplication Bingo:

005 006


We will continue our work on life cycles and also work on science fair projects:inventions. The students will be given time to brainstorm, develop and work on their inventions during class.

Social Studies: 

In social studies class we will begin Chapter 7: How Are People Around the World Alike and Different. We will read about the lives of children in six different countries. Students will think about how each child’s day is like theirs and how it also different.


Lesson Overview (Week 20) January 26th-30th


Language Arts:

This week students will get their new spelling words on Tuesday and take their test on Friday. Students will spend Language Arts working on the Daily 5 through “Read to Self”, “Read to Someone”, “Listen to Reading”, “Work on Writing”, “Word Work”, and “Work with Teacher”. We will focus editing our final drafts of our short stories and drawing pictures to go with them. Also, we’ve started a new unit on “Voice” for our Interactive Writing Notebook.


We will continue Chapter 5: Place Value in Whole Numbers and Decimals. We will focus on exploring estimates and polygons next.


We will continue our unit on living things and focus on the life cycles of animals. We will have a field trip next week to the “Tree Farm” where students will be learning about taking care of plants and animals.

Social Studies:

In social studies class, students have been presenting their posters on different countries cultures. Students are participating in the grading process and are evaluating everyone’s presentation.



Lesson Overview Week of January 19th – 23rd



The American School - Tet Fair 2015

Week of January 19th-23rd:

Language Arts

This week students will get their new spelling words on Monday and take their test on Friday. Students will spend Language Arts working on the Daily 5 through “Read to Self”, “Read to Someone”, “Listen to Reading”, “Work on Writing”, “Word Work”, and “Work with Teacher”. Students also continue to work on their Interactive Writing Notebook. This week, we reviewed writing lessons and started a rough copy of a short story. Students had to brainstorm ideas and complete a checklist before starting to write the rough copy. Stories will be shared with friends next week and then will be edited and written in good.

Students also completed their pen pal letters and pictures. Students were very excited to get the letters in the mail and are anxiously awaiting a response!



This week, students reviewed Unit 4 for the test that they completed on Tuesday. Students quized each other with multiplication/division facts and played review games in preparation for the test. The rest of the week was to review the test answers and then we began Unit 5 – Place Value in Whole Numbers and Decimals.

Social Studies:

Students were partnered up with each other to design a country’s culture poster. The poster must include information and pictures regarding their chosen country’s holidays, traditions, food and language. The students researched their country and found pictures that needed to be printed and wrote information regarding their poster. Next week, the students will have to present their poster to the class.

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The students are continuing their lessons on Living Things. We reviewed lesson 2 for the test that they took on Thursday. Students had to review their vocabulary words and review the lessons learned. They quizzed each other in order to do well on the test.

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Lesson Overview Week 10 (October 27th-31st)


It was a busy week for the grade 3’s! Everyone was preparing for the Halloween Carnival and the end of Reading month.

Language Arts – This week, the students worked hard towards reaching beyond the intended reading goal for Reading Month. Together as a class, they read a total of 503 hours! Elizabeth was our star reader, earning her a prize at the assembly. Our class came in second place winning a casual day and movie! Way to go Grade 3! Keep on reading!

2014-10-28 08.56.39 2014-10-28 08.56.44


Counting our reading hours.

Grade 3 also worked on the Daily 5 methods – read to self, read to someone and listen to reading. Next week we will start work with words and work on writing.

Math – We continued working in Unit 2 Math – The students learned the “partial sums method” and “count-up subtraction” method. At first, it seemed confusing, but then with practice, the students were able to understand the concepts. It is difficult for the students to remember to do all the steps and show all their work. On Friday, we had a math quiz which was review for everything we have learned so far in Unit 2.

Science – Grade 3 has started a new chapter in science all about “Living Things”. This is a great unit for our preparations for International Day. Our chosen country is South Africa and the students will be working on a research project about an African animal of their choice. We learned how scientists classify animals and next week, we will do an experiment on how a backbone works.

Social Studies – This week was an introduction to International Day and our chosen country is South Africa. We watched a power point presentation on South Africa and watched some videos on African animals to get the students to start to think of which animal they would like to research. Next week, we will color the South African Flag and discuss the animal research project.

The Halloween carnival was a great success this year! All the students had fun and everyone dressed up in costumes! What a fun way to end the week.

2014-10-31 07.55.57

Week 8 (October 6th-10th)


Language Arts – All week, the students have been practicing their “Read to Self” by reading for 30 minutes in class. The class has set a reading goal for “Reading Month” to read 2 hours everyday. By Friday, the class has surpassed their goal and have agreed to double the hours of reading time. Way to go Grade 3!!

We’ve also been practicing how to “Read to Someone”. The students have learned how to sit EEKK (elbow to elbow, knee to knee) and to check for understanding, read and repeat together or read together at the same time.

During Homeroom time after the students settle in, they either work on spelling words or grammar (Let’s Go 3 student book and workbook).

Math – This week, we’ve moved on to Unit 2 of the Everyday Math books. In this unit, we will be studying – Fact Families, Extensions of Addition and Subtraction Facts, “What’s My Rule”, Parts-and-total number Stories, Change number Stories, Comparison Number Stories, The Partial Sums Algorithm, Subtraction Algorithms, Addition with three or more addends and finally the Progress Check (Math test 2).

Science – We’ve concluded our science experiment on the water cycle. Students drew observations everyday and discovered that the stage of “evaporation” may take a LONG time. We’ve agreed to check again on the experiment in a few weeks time. Grade 3 will have a Water Cycle Assessment test on Tuesday.

Social Studies – We’ve continued our discussion on how to write a journal and students have been working on writing their “Explorer” 5 day journal. Next week, we will write the good copies.

Congratulations to Student of the Week – Maria! She earned the most class dojo points this week. Way to go Maria!


Lesson Overview – Week of Sept. 29th – Oct. 3rd



Friday, September 26th, 2014

Today the students had their first assembly of the year. They learned some new school cheers and Mr. Ed talked to everyone about Reading Week. The kids had a lot of fun and I would like to give an extra congratulations to Ricky for being nominated as student of the month! No matter what, Ricky is engaged and works hard and is never afraid to TRY! Plus, he demonstrated outstanding altruistic traits showing kindness to others. Good job Ricky! See the other students of the month here:

September 29th – October 3rd:

Language Arts: This week will be the kick-off for Reading Month! 

READING WEEK: Monday, September 29th – Friday, October 3rd, we will begin Reading Week at TAS. The week will follow this schedule:

Schedule of Activities:

Monday September 29th: Competition Kick-Off Pajama Party!

Today, students can come to school in their Pajamas along with their favorite stuffed animal or pillow! Part of every class period today will be devoted to reading to help get everyone in the reading spirit! Everyone will receive a weekly reading log to keep track of the number of minutes they read each day. The more they read, the more they help their class towards their goal and the closer they get to the prize! They will also receive further instructions on how to participate in the Extreme Reader Photo Contest.

 Tuesday September 30th: Dr. Seuss Day!

Today we will have a special visit from a famous Dr. Seuss character to help us celebrate this amazing author. It will be a Seusstastic time! Get ready for some fun Dr. Seuss inspired activities offered throughout the day!

 Wednesday October 1st: Read Aloud Day!

On this day, our school will celebrate the joy of learning through reading aloud. At TAS, we will begin our day with a special elementary-school wide story time with our Principal Ms. Aubrey. Throughout the day, each class will have special guests coming in to read aloud to students. (Parents, please contact your child’s teacher if you too would like to be a read-aloud guest). And our day will culminate with a whole Elementary school shared reading time.

 Thursday October 2nd: Stop, Drop, and Read!

Today, we will all be doing TONS of reading! At random times throughout the day, a special bell will ring and every student and teacher will stop what they are doing to READ! You better not get stuck without a book!

There will also be a voluntary Book Exchange today. Any student who would like to participate should bring a used (but nice) book to school wrapped in paper. Participating students will meet together in the library to give their old book and receive a new one from a friend!

 Friday October 3rd: Character Dress-Up Day!

Come to school today dressed as your favorite book character! Please bring the book along too if you have it so that you can show it off during our Book Character Parade at 2:45!


This week we will be reviewing concepts learned in unit 1 – Students will have a math assessment test on Friday and the following Monday. Students are encouraged to bring home their Student Reference Book, Math Journal and homework sheets (which will be handed back to them on Monday) for reviewing.


This week, we will be reviewing the “Water Cycle”. Students will be recording their observations on their experiment “Water Cycle in a Bag”. Also, students will do several activities involving the Water Cycle.



Social Studies:

This week, after reviewing “hemispheres”, “continents” and “countries” of the world. We will be moving on to writing a journal/diary as an explorer. Students will be assessed on their written entries.


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