Grade 3A

The American School of Vietnam

Lesson Overviews (December 14th-18th)


The students had their Christmas Party today and book exchange

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We also had a field trip to Thao Dien Pearl for a tour of the cinema and to watch a movie: The Good Dinosaur.

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L.A. –  The Grade 3’s are practicing building their stamina by reading silently for 35 minutes everyday. The students are also focusing on their books and practicing the lessons they are learning in Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop. This week, students focused on character traits and writing stories using “voice”

Math – We are now focusing on fractions and decimals.

Science – We’ve been learning about character traits and which ones are learned or inherited. We’ll have another test when the students get back from holidays.

Social Studies – Students have been looking at how children are in other countries. How they live and where they go to school and what they do everyday. Students are discovering how children are the same just like them and just a little bit different.


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