Grade 3A

The American School of Vietnam

Lesson Overview (November 30th – December 4th)




L.A. –  The Grade 3’s are practicing building their stamina by reading silently for 35 minutes everyday. The students are also focusing on their books and practicing the lessons they are learning in Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop. This week, we learned about writing book reports. Students are focusing on their next Book Report and next week, they will start to write a new short story.

Math – We completed the Unit 4 math test and this week, we started Unit 5 – Place Value in the ten -thousands. We are also learning about pictographs.

Science – We started a new chapter in our science books about classifying animals. They are learning how scientists group different animals. We will have a test next week.

Social Studies – We are learning about the United States communities. We’ve been studying the map of the united states and comparing traditions and festivals from Vietnam to the US. This week and next, students have picked a country and will design a poster describing the language, food and traditions of their chosen country.

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