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Lesson Overview Week 35 (June 8-12)


Weekly Lesson Overview for Grade 3  Announcements: This week, we will clean our materials and classroom and prepare for summer break. We will also spend time reflecting on our growth this year. Math – We reviewed our homework for Unit 9 and also took the End of the Year assessment test. Next week we will […]

Elementary Talent Show!


Elementary Talent Show this Tuesday!! June 12, 2015 by firstgrade · No Comments · Communications Dear TAS Parents, The elementary school is proud to present our end of the year Talent Show this Tuesday, June 16, 2015. The students have been working hard and are incredibly excited to show-off their many talents this year. The show […]

Lesson Overview (Week 35 – May 25th – 29th)


Field Trip to CVG Theater: Grade 1 and 3 took a field trip to CVG. They learned about ticketing, went into the projection room and learned about the projectors, and went behind the scenes of concessions to see how soda and popcorn were made (the theater adds LOTS of sugar to the popcorn – I […]

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