Grade 2 Homework Page

The American School has set forth a school-wide policy for homework for each grade. This policy for Grade 2 is 20 minutes of reading, and an optional 15 minutes of math homework, daily. TAS sets homework to no more than 20-35 minutes each day, because educational research shows that young children need time to rest and play, in addition to the work they do at school. This allows students to come to school rested, relaxed, and ready to work hard in their classes.

Therefore, I will not be assigning homework every day, especially during the first few months of school. Homework may increase in frequency during the year, but there will be no more than one short assignment per day. I do not assign homework on Fridays.

In Grade 2, the focus of homework is less on academic recall and more on the student’s personal responsibility. Even if the homework is just to give a form or letter to their parents, students are responsible for writing down their assignment and remembering to do it at home. Additionally, they must remember to have their parents sign their homework book every day, even if there is no homework.

I use to keep track of daily homework and signatures (I will not be using Classdojo as a reward system). Students can receive up to 2 points every day, 1 for completing the assignment and 1 for their parent’s signature. If there is no homework assigned, they will still receive 1 point for their parents’ signature. This is a total of up to 10 points every week. There are no rewards or penalties for homework points; this is simply a way of keeping track of weekly homework.

In the coming weeks, I will send home information on how to access your student’s Classdojo account.

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