Overview Dec. 5 – 9


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In Math this week, students learned about two types of diagrams. One is the Change diagram, which shows an amount before and after it changes (either more or less). Students also learned about Parts and Total diagrams, which show how 2 or 3 groups of things (parts) make up a larger number of items (total). Students also played the Addition Spinner game to practice mental math skills.

Language Arts

This week, students again enjoyed the opportunity to read aloud books to the class. They did more creative writing this week, and wrote stories about silly pictures on the board. They also used Spelling List 7 for their Word Work activities.


Students again practiced the Scientific Method by conducting another scientific investigation. This time salt was used to determine how long ice will melt. They recorded the process on their investigation sheets.

Social Studies

This week, we read stories about what to do if you see a student being bullied. This also related to our character trait of the month, which is respect.

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