Overview Nov 7 -11


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This week, students explored the properties of and tricks for the -9 and -8 rules. They also practiced place value, using base 10 blocks and drawn diagrams.

Language Arts

We have begun the fourth part of our Daily 5 routine, which is Word Work. This component incorporates spelling practice and work into a variety of fun and effective activities. Every week, students will receive a spelling list. They will use this list throughout the week for their Word Work activities. On Thursdays, they will take home the list for review, and on Fridays we will have a short spelling test. If you need to access the list at any time, you can find the week’s list in the link at the bottom of this post.


Students learned about the scientific method, and made class posters showing illustrations of each step. To practice this method, we carried out an investigation of marker ink and water. Students learned about each step of the method in this demonstration.

Social Studies

Social Studies was an interesting and full class this week. We discussed our thoughts and opinions on this week’s Save the Rhinos assembly at school. We also discussed the importance of respect and how respect can be practiced in any situation and in many different ways.

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