Week 6


Introducing the addition sign

1 digit numbers +1 (2+1=3)

Narrative word problems (+1) using the 3 ways to learn math

Incorporating more than

Getting students comfortable with the symbols and addition

Continue reviewing previous material


Grammar: Capitalization and periods (full stops)

Invented spelling  (beautiful = butifull ) Getting children comfortable with spelling out words the way they sound. Spelling mistakes are OK at this level.

Vowels: short/long vowels AEIOU

Site words for week 4 dolch

Getting started on bench marking reading (Goal: 5 students)

Independent reading/read alouds

SCIENCE: The last environment: Mountains

Getting students ready for diorama

Social Studies:

Feel/Look/Sound activities

Problem/Feeling/Solution activities

Tubular Tuesday!

Reading week kicked off with a bang!

Today is the second day of reading week and it’s “come to school in your pajamas day.” Class 1A had a blast frolicking in their pj’s.






In Math we continued using dice and blocks to count. We built buildings. The person who had the most blocks on their side of the road won. We focused on counting dice, blocks, and using vocab more than and less than.

image9 image10



Areas of Study: Week 5

First off, enjoy your 3 day weekend! May you have a relaxing and safe weekend ahead.

September will kick off with another fun packed learning week. Don’t forget about reading month. Get those reading minutes in!

Counting with dice
Continue counting by sets of objects (2’s/3’s/5’s/10’s)
Using langue more/less
Which is the bigger number? Which is the smaller number?
Continue with stations (independent reading/writing/phonics)
Phonics: Introduction to short vowel letters (letters a/e)
Continue modeling and learning the 3 ways how to read
Practice free writing using pictures and sentence starters
Continue sight words
Introduction to Deserts
Creating KWL chart
Using a venn diagram to compare different habitats
Safety- How can we keep safe? We can follow rules. We can be aware of signs around us.
Safety – cleanliness /Safety – traffic /Safety – health

September: Reading Month

reading-month-logo web button

Hello all!

September has arrived. The best way to welcome September is by having reading month. Our goal as a class is to try and read 40 minutes a day. In class, we usually get a good 25 minutes of reading. 15 minutes for silent reading and 10 minutes with a read aloud. To gain the full 40 minutes, please have your child read at home for at least 15-20 minutes. On Monday, I will be sending home a reading record sheet so the students can keep track of their minutes. I will ask if a parent can sign the sheet after your child has read. At the beginning of the next week please return the sheets to me. If our class wins, we can win pizza and a movie!

Please check their backpacks on Monday for the reading record sheet.

Attached below is a powerpoint on reading month. We’ll be doing many fun activities to get the children excited about reading.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Mr. Ian

reading month presentations 2016

P.S. Yesterday I sent out login names and passwords for each student to sign up to the teach your monster how to readwebsite:  http://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/

This website helps students practice with phonics sounds and basic reading. I highly suggest you sign your child up for extra support with reading at home.

Areas of Study: Week 4


3 ways of learning math (drawing/in your head/ manipulatives (hands/objects)

Spelling of math words 1-20


Grouping/counting by 1/2/5/10 Example: Two groups of 5/= 10 Four groups of 5= 20


Read alouds

3 ways of reading

Learning to care for books

“How to..” reading

Site word review

Phonics: letter + letter sound with a focus on vowels

Writing: Book covers learning about the title, author, and illustrator

Continue working with small groups: Silent reading/silent writing

Sight word bingo


Wrapping up Jungle environment

Begin Ocean environment


“Have you filled your bucket today” — Book/read aloud

Types of words: Kind words/hurtful words

Unique people

Tones of voice

Being a good friend and person

In social studies we have been learning about being a good person. We must respect each other. We made friendly fingers with some positive sentences.

The children also expressed what they’re an expert in. We’re all experts and we all need help with something. This is a way we can learn to help each other.












Over the weeks we have been focusing on how to read. I’ve taught the students the 3 ways to read. Read the pictures. Read the words. Retell the story.
The students have been split into two groups. One group focuses on reading and the other writing.
Today I had the students silent read for some time, then read to each other.
With writing, the important thing is trying to write and sound out the words. I tell the students say the word and write it the way you hear it. To get them started I had them make a picture and write. Remember, drawing is part of the writing process.





Mighty Math

This week we’ve been learning to count using tally marks. The students conducted surveys asking each other which item they liked. If the student who was asked liked the item, the student who asked the question marked a tally.

We also had a tally race. I played a song and the children raced to mark tally’s. The team with the most tally’s won!

The children are in their way to counting like pros!




Areas of Study: Week 3

How to count? (head, manipulatives, fingers, drawing)
Writing numbers (Number, English name, picture)
Making Number Line 1-20
Numbers 1-20 (english writing/reading)
Reading :
How to choose books?
How to care for books?
Ways to read (words, pictures,       retelling/listening)  –
Silent reading (5 mins building stamina)
-Read Aloud Everyday
– Youtube listening
– Guided Reading (Read Along)
Letters (Writing/searching)
Sight Words Week 2
to , in , is , you , man , can , ran , pan
Animals and Habitats
What is a jungle like?
What lives in a jungle?
Why are they important?
Social Studies: 
Saying Sorry