Week 12

This week in music 3rd through 5th grade students are continuing to expand their knowledge of the fingerings for notes on the recorders and gaining better control of their sound through practice and drilling. Students are learning new songs and practicing playing with musical expression.


1st and 2nd graders are continuing to demonstrate musical expression through conducting and writing their own expression to match songs that they are learning. This includes adding dynamics and articulations to the music.

Week 11

This week 3rd through 5th graders are learning the fingerings and breath technique for recorders. Students are practicing producing consistent tone on their instruments and learning to tune the pitch by ear. Students are also learning to play a variety of their vocal repertoire on their instruments. Students are also continuing to practice and learn about musical expression.


1st through 2nd graders are learning about musical expression through conducting and circle game activities. These students are also learning new songs by rote.