Week 10

3rd through 5th grade students are beginning to learn recorder this week. We are starting with wind technique, long-tones, breathing and embouchure and learning the fingerings for a pentatonic scale in C major. Students will soon be using the notes in this scale to learn songs and improvise melodies.

1st and 2nd graders are continuing with dynamics and expression. We are learning about how different dynamic decisions in musical compositions effect the artistic out come. Students are singing their current repertoire now with dynamics and expression. To reinforce the understanding, students are learning about conducting and how to represent musical expression through body motion in rhythm.

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About musices

I am a new music teacher at TAS. This is my first year teaching music and I am very excited about it. I graduated from CSU Northridge in L.A. with a degree in music education and worked as a computer tech teacher for one year after graduating in the U.S. I recently received a tefl certificate and have wanted to teach abroad for some time. I am passionate about music, the arts in general and learning. I love making a difference through education and having fun. I am enjoying getting to know our students at TAS, we are getting off to a wonderful start this year.

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