Week 10

3rd through 5th grade students are beginning to learn recorder this week. We are starting with wind technique, long-tones, breathing and embouchure and learning the fingerings for a pentatonic scale in C major. Students will soon be using the notes in this scale to learn songs and improvise melodies.

1st and 2nd graders are continuing with dynamics and expression. We are learning about how different dynamic decisions in musical compositions effect the artistic out come. Students are singing their current repertoire now with dynamics and expression. To reinforce the understanding, students are learning about conducting and how to represent musical expression through body motion in rhythm.

Week 9

Students in 1st grade and 2nd grade are learning about Italian musical terms for dynamic expression. Students are practicing writing the short hand symbols for Forte, Piano, Mezzo Forte, and Mezzo Piano and creating visual representations of what these terms mean. These students then will perform songs and rhymes we have learned with dynamics and will come up with their own dynamics for the songs.

Students in 3rd through 5th grade are beginning to learn recorder technique. Students are singing pentatonic scales and learning the fingerings on recorder to play these scales. In the next unit, students will be learning to improve with their instruments as well as play songs and learn more about notation.

Week 8

This week students in 1st grade and 2nd grade are learning about how the elements of musical compositions create meaning by listening to classic works such as flight of the bumble bee and ballet of the unhatched chicks. While listening, students perform activities that connect to specific musical elements such as timbre, rhythm, and dynamics.

Students in 3rd through 5th grade are finishing their rhythmic notation projects and decorating Halloween rhyme posters. The students have created their own original rhymes and set them to their own rhythmic compositions. 3rd graders through 5th graders are now learning to speak their rhythms with body movements and dance. 3A and 5A are performing Stand! for our assemble with the theme of integrity.