Challange 8 – Favorite Things

10 Paragraphs about things I like.

1. Minecraft
Minecraft has to be my favorite game. I like how you can just be so creative and build anything you want. I find that downloading maps and playing them with my friends are my favorite things to do. I like the race for wool custom map the most because you really need to think about not getting shot off the world and getting all the wools. Here is a link to the minecraft website: Minecraft.

2. Basketball

My favorite sport is basketball. I like basketball because it takes energy and I like that you need to rely on your team mates to help you out. My favorite team is the Lakers.  My favoite player is from the Lakers, Kobe bryant. I like him because he is good and he sets a good example for other people.

3. Music

Music is like my life. I listen to it everywhere and, I am in the school band. Ever since I was 2 I have been banging on pots and pans and  when I was around 5 my mom and dad got me a drum set. after the drums I learned some gutair and piano. Then when I was around 7 or 8 I put together a band. We did mostly rock but it was fun while it lasted.

4. Dance

I really like dance but I’m not very good at it. I am in my grades dance group so we will perform it at the next holiday. I have been in the last 2 dance groups that were put together for my grade. I think dance is a lot of fun. The style of dance I do is hip hop because I find it more interesting and fun.

5. Filming

I like to make movies and put them on youtube. I don’t film as much as I used to but I still like it a lot. The last film I made was with with my friends in america. It was about two streets that were going to have a war and these two agents needed to get the paper work so that they could win the war. It was very fun making the film and we had a lot of friends that came to help so it was a good film. I think I might make another film soon.

6. Running

I really like running, I have the highest score in my class for the mile run. When my family and I go back to america for the summer we are going to run a marathon with my moms family. That means I need to train for it. I have been trying to get in better shape and make my body used to running a long distance. I think it will be a lot of fun. 

7.  Injustice

Injustice is a DC game that is has many different characters to battle and make your team stronger and stronger and face other teams. I like it because it is very exciting and I find it fun because of the challenge of the bosses and other teams. The character I really want to get is superman. It is for Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, anything that is apple (maybe more I don’d know) and mobile.

8. Hook Theory

Hooktheory is a website that you can make your own music. I have a lot of fun making different things on hook theory. My music teacher showed it to the class and we use it and after we put it into garageband so we can add beats and other things. This website has this thing called trends, which is if you have a chord you can click on that chord and see what the percentage of what chord would come next.

9. Garageband

I like garageband because I can make cool beats and I can try to do them on my drum set. If I do a film I use garageband so I can get sound effects and music.the only bad thing about garageband is that you need a mac. You can do a lot of cool and fun stuff on garageband and I suggest trying it.

10. Skype

 Skype is awesome, it is so useful when you live in a different country then your family. I skype call my uncle every week to find out what is going on at home. I skype my friends so we can play minecraft on saturdays. And for homework I can just call my buddy Alex and ask him what we have for homework and if I don’t get it I can ask him.

That is my 10 things I like.


Week 6 Activity about the number 10

I have thought about what games or apps people should be able to use in school. Here are 10 things they should be able to use.

!. Minecraft- Like in social studies if we are learning about architecture we would be able to recreate the ancient architecture.

2. IXL- In math class IXL would help you study and understand about what your learning.

3. Fun Brain- Fun brain is a website that has many different subjects to chose from so you can study.

4. Calculator- If your teacher in math says you can use a calculator you would have one right in your pocket or bag and for free.

5. Sky Walk- If you’re learning about astronomy then this app is great. It shows all the constellations and all about astronomy.

6. 4 pics 1 word- It takes lots of thinking and if you have a big vocabulary you would be great at this game.

7. Geography Drive USA- If your learning about geography this game tells you all about each state in the US and there are some mini games so you can earn money to travel more places.

8.Notes!- This app shows you how to read and play notes on the piano.

9. Google Chrome- If you need to look something up really fast this is a good place to go.

10. Google Docs- If you need to do a project and you want to do it on Ipad or computer you can just do it on google docs and it will save automatically.

Those are my 10 things!

Week 6 Activity 3

I am on Facebook and my class today has looked at the privacy settings so we could change some settings so we can be more hidden. I have to say that they kept so much history about me. I changed who could see my posts and if someone tagged me in a picture I would be able to put it on my timeline or if I don’t want to I have the choice to delete it. I changed those things because I want to be hidden I don’t want a lot of people to know who I am.

Challenge 4- Using Images In Posts

For this post I decided to do a collage.


Here are the links to all the photos.

Challenge About Number “10”

This Challenge is from the Student Blogging Challenge

Birth Father-Why did you leave my mom?

Birth Mom-Why did you put me up for adoption and not my brother?

Michael Jackson-Why did you have so much surgery?

Lionel Messi-How did you get so good?

Jackie Chan-Where did you learn your awesome moves?

Bruce Lee-When did you decide to be a movie star?

Notch-Where did you get the idea of minecraft.

Grandma-What was my dad like when he was a kid?

ACDC-When did you decide to go big?

The Beatles-Why did you guys break up?

And those are the 10 people I would like to meet and interview.



One of my Passions

One of my big passions is MINECRAFT!!! The big thing I like about minecraft is that you really need to use your imagination to build something great. If your tired of just trying to survive you can go on creative and build something amazing! If you want to do an adventure you can download custom maps for… FREE! If your sick and tired of seeing the regular blocks and things you can download a texture pack. A texture pack makes everything in your minecraft look different. So that is what I like about Minecraft.

This is something I have made.

This is an example of a Texture Pack;,