TAS Elementary Physical Education

"Physical Fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity".




In the Physical Education Department, we are excited to see you back and ready for the new year. You will need to be ready for much more learning and be challenged to be successful as a balanced student – to lead, to support sportsmanship and engaged in a variety of units. Your participation and cooperation are the key factors to make this class successful and enjoyable. Go Mustangs!





Grade 4 and Grade 5 students enjoyed their Basketball Activities. They were able to apply the skills they’ve learned and appreciate the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Terry Fox Run 2016


TAS has been a huge supporter of Terry Fox Run for many years. Students from MSHS, ES and teachers gathered and participated yesterday. It was a great opportunity for our students and families to get out, run, walk, and support for a cause. Go Mustangs!  tr-2016-8tr-2016-1 tr-2016-2 tr-2016-9tr-2016-3 tr-2016-4 tr-2016-5tr-2016-7tr-2016-6 tr-2016

Week 24 -26 in PE



The Nursery’s are practicing Balance Activities such as Ball balancing Race, Floor Balance Beam, stepping on the poly spots and lego blocks without stepping off the floor, Static Balance (right and left Stand, Tiptoe and V-sit), Feather balancing, spoon and ball Race.


This week, The Pre-K started Rhythmic Activity to develop students’ coordination and motor skills. Their activities are Musical Freeze Dance, Stop Dance and Animal Dances.


After the Balance Assessment, the Kindergarten will have Passing, Dribbling and Shooting activities. To add a little thrill on these lessons, we will have Rug Rats games as a practice activity.

Grade 1

The Grade 1’s are practicing manipulative skills; Passing, Dribbling and Shooting Activities. They played Rug Rats game as a practice to develop these skills.

Grade 2

Grade 2’s enjoyed striking with Implement lesson. After the short handle paddle activity, they practice side Orientation striking a bat with a Tee support and then without Tee.

Grade 3 – 5

They practice Striking with implements (Badminton Skills), shuttlecock bouncing, service, underhand and overhand strikes. The Grade 4 – 5 will have a tournament to end the quarter.



Kindergarten: 3rd Quarter Lesson Overview


For 3rd Quarter, Kindergarten will be learning Manipulative Skills: Accompanying Apparatus, Flexibility and Balancing and Dribbling and Passing Skills. The California State PE Standards that we will cover include: 

Standard 1: Demonstrate motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
Movement Concepts
1.1 Travel within a large group using locomotor skills without bumping into others or falling.
1.2 Travel forward and sideways while changing direction quickly in response to a signal.
1.3 Demonstrate clear contrasts between slow and fast speeds while using locomotor skills.
1.4 Create shapes at high, medium, and low levels using hands, arms, torso, feet, and legs in a variety of combinations.
Body Management
1.6 Balance on one, two, three, four, and five body parts.
1.7 Balance while walking forward and sideways on a narrow, raised surface.
Locomotor Movement
1.11 Jump over a stationary rope several times in succession using forward and back and side-to-side movement patterns.
Manipulative Skills
1.15 Bounce a ball continuously using two hands.


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