December 6

How to Protect Your Account from Hackers

Grade 4 are learning why they have to protect their accounts from hackers and how to do it.

Watching TED talks about technology helped students understand that hackers can not only commit crimes online, but also help developers improve security. The students also learned that all online attacks are of 3 types: by a criminal to make money, by a hacktivist to make a point, or by a government. At the end, the students learned what makes a strong password: randomness.

The students are currently writing advice on how to protect one’s account from hackers in Word Online. They are explaining what are some good things and some bad things a hacker can do. They are also giving advice on what a strong password should contain.

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October 6

Timelines of Technology Progression

Grade 4 students are researching history of technology of their choice. They are putting together an online PowerPoint presentation demonstrating a timeline of that technology’s progression. It will include years when important events happened, their description and pictures.

November 4th Update:

The students had a lot of fun presenting and listening to each other talk about history of technology. Here’s an example of student work:


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October 3

Beginning the School Year in ICT

In ICT, the students learned how to be independent while regulating their behavior. They know the appropriate behaviors displayed on our Independence chart:

      Be quiet


      Keep your voice down


      Ignore distractions


      Work all the time


      Stay in one spot


    Raise your hand and call Ms. Anna if you need help

I asked students to show first the incorrect behaviors and then the correct ones. The students proved they can behave. However, as you can see, they really enjoyed showing the incorrect behaviors!














May 12

Animation in Scratch

Grade 4 are animating their original realistic fiction stories about natural disasters. Check out the sample student’s project below and ask your children to show you theirs!

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March 8

Realistic Fiction about Natural Disasters

In the wake of studying origin and coping with natural disasters in science class, grades 4 have written realistic fiction stories on the subject.  Their stories involve great characters who found themselves in the midst of a natural disaster and coped with it. The students published the stories on Edublogs.

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February 23


The students learned about opportunities that blogging provides. For a start, they chose themes, avatars, and titles for their ICT  blogs  on Edublogs. The students created a blog post about protecting one’s account from hackers. They learned how to edit text in their posts. They also explained in a blog post why natural disasters like volcano eruptions and floods happen according to what they learned in science class.

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February 14

Quarter 2

Quarter 2 was dedicated to digital citizenship.

Strong Password. Students learned about the ways hackers can help or hurt people. They learned what makes a strong password and practiced creating strong passwords with the teacher’s feedback. The students learned how to create an online Word document in a shared folder. In the document, they explained what good or harm hackers can do and how to protect one’s account with a strong password. They relied on the teacher’s online Word comments to edit their documents.

Private and personal information. The students learned about the benefits of sharing information online, but also about the safety and security risks of sharing certain types of information. They learned what type of information can put them at risk for identity theft and other scams. Now the students can distinguish between personal information, which is safe to share online, and private information, which is unsafe to share.

Cyberbullying. The students reflected about how words can hurt people in face-to face as well as online communication. I have to say I was happy to see how empathetic these kids are with those who have received mean and hurtful messages. They got to act as judges of  various messages by stepping over a physical line that symbolized a fine line between acceptable and offensive messages. The students offered several ideas on what to do if you receive a mean or scary message. They also took away the advice to talk about such an incident and take action, starting with these steps:

  1. Calm down and take a deep breath.
  2. Tell a friend or a trusted adult who can help develop a plan to handle the situation.
  3. Ignore the bully.
  4. Keep a copy of the communication with the bully.

Here are the students’ cartoons about confronting a cyberbullying situation that they imagined:

img-213182956-0001 img-213183006-0001 img-213183013-0001 img-213183022-0001 img-213183035-0001 img-213183041-0001 img-213183048-0001 img-213183057-0001 img-213183103-0001 img-213183109-0001 img-213183116-0001 img-213183122-0001 img-213183128-0001 img-213183134-0001 img-213183139-0001 img-213183144-0001

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