June 2

Academic animation

The students created slides containing facts about the animal of their choice and animation of that animal. When unsure if the information is true, the students researched facts about the animals. Here is a sample of student work:

Facts about the philippino eagle-122kusm

Some students have already presented their facts and showed their animations to the class today. Watching it was fun for their classmates. I am looking forward to watching more presentations next week!

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March 30

Searching for information

The students are learning how to use digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.

  1. The students are exploring books as resources for investigating a topic. Currently they are learning to not be afraid of thick books, but rather to think of them as prehistoric web pages and jump through the book as they would from link to link in a webpage. Here are the steps that the students practice taking when reading:
  • Open the book up to a random page and begin to read.​
  • If you don’t understand something, go backward and look for information.​
  • Or skip forward to something that makes sense.​
  • Jump through the book backwards and forwards, just like from link to link in a webpage.

While they write down results, they are also taught how to format text in Word.

2. The students are developing their internet search skills by looking up inventors and inventions.

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February 27

Whose is it, anyway?

Grade 3 are learning how and why to cite online sources. The students are learning that to avoid plagiarizing someone else’s work, they should show respect to the author by giving a citation.

The students will be able to:
– define plagiarism and describe its consequences.
– explain how giving credit is a sign of respect for people’s work.
– articulate when it is acceptable to use people’s work, and how to write a citation.

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December 6

Grade 3B: Digital Citizenship

Grade 3B students learned to distinguish between private and personal information and to keep their private information to themselves when chatting with online-only friends.

They learned what power words have online and how to act when they receive a mean or hurtful message online.




Grade 3B is currently learning how to use keywords and search engines to search for information efficiently.

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December 2

Rings of Responsibility

The students got introduced to representation of their online responsibilities as fitting into rings, where the inner ring is responsibility to oneself, the ring around it is to friends and family, and the outer ring is responsibilities to a larger community. They practices sorting online responsibilities into the rings:


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October 3

Progression of Technology

The students had a lot of fun presenting to the class and listening to others talk about progression of technology of their choice. Prior to that, students prepared a Power Point Presentation to describe the progression of technology in communication, calculation, transportation, etc. They worked in the following order:

1)      made headers;

2)      inserted text boxes;

3)      inserted clip art images;

4)      saved their work.

Here’s a sample:


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October 3

Beginning the School Year in ICT

In ICT, the students learned how to be independent while regulating their behavior. They know the appropriate behaviors displayed on our Independence chart:

      Be quiet


      Keep your voice down


      Ignore distractions


      Work all the time


      Stay in one spot


    Raise your hand and call Ms. Anna if you need help

I asked students to show first the incorrect behaviors and then the correct ones. The students proved they can behave. However, as you can see, they really enjoyed showing the incorrect behaviors!














May 30

Key to Keywords: Handling Search Engines

The students are experimenting with the number of words and searches that it takes to find answers to their questions. They will realize that the more keywords you type into a search engine, the better chance you have to find information. They will also learn that to minimize the number of searches, they should choose their keywords carefully, use quotation marks for groups of words, and use synonyms.

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May 13

Looking for Information on Websites

The students are practicing using websites to find information about animal classes. Our goal is to create a Table in Word that contains Animal Classes in Latin and English, Scientific Names of Specific Animals, English Names of Specific Animals, and Pictures of Specific Animals. The majority of information can be found on Animaldiversity.org. The students picked two animals from each class on that website. However, the students have to go to iNaturalist.org to find English names of animals. This teaches them to complement missing information by looking at other websites.

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