June 2

Fraction Bars in Scratch

Grade 5 are creating fraction bars from 1/2 to 1/10 by programming in Scratch with grade 5. It will help them visualize comparing fractions with different denominators. Attached is the screenshot of the final product. Once the students finish, they can use their printed out bars to practice comparing fractions in ICT and Math class.
Coding for this project is complicated. It requires understanding of X-Y coordinates and segmenting along X and Y axes using fractions/division. Programming the Scratch Pen to draw fraction bars involves creating variables and using them in two loops, one of which includes the other. We’ve been doing it step by step, pausing to do math or to act it out by moving in the lab. Now most of the students understand the principles on which the project is based.
The students will also learn to give credit to others and write instructions on their project pages. Finally, they will share their projects with the whole Scratch community.

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