Week 19 to 22

It has been a while since the last post and our little ones were super busy!

Here are the activities we did before the Tet celebration!


In Music, little Mustangs were able to explore BEAT, RHYTHM, and TEMPO (fast and slow). We learned chants, songs, games and poems entitled Engine, Engine, Number Nine; Chop, Chop, Chippity Chop; Obwisana (African Song); Rain Poem;etc.


In Art, we learned our Lines unit. This unit is vital for young learner’s development in Art. It can also help develop their writing skills. Here are some activities we did for this Unit.

Yarn Art:




















In P.E., we did ENDURANCE activities. Young learners were able to understand the value of endurance while playing a game or a sport. We played racing games and practiced Jump Rope. Jump roping develop young learners’ skill in endurance and coordination.



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