Week 13

Week 13 welcomes the Reading month!

This week and the rest of the weeks on November, we will be reading books and doing fun art activities.

Also, Friday is the Book Character day so everybody dressed up in their favorite book characters, including the ECC teachers




In Music, we continue to practice our steady beat and rhythm. We also sang songs from books.



In Art, we finished creating our Fall Artworks. Kindergarten continued to learn about Primary and Secondary colors and started to create their color wheel creatures. Also, we brainstormed and planned for our Reading Month Face Boards. We will be working on it the whole week so better watch out for our awesome creations!



In P.E., we moved on to our next unit which is Chasing, Fleeing and Dodging. We did tag games such as Runner Tag and Froggy Tag. Also, we did Duck, Duck, Goose.


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