Week 10

It’s the end of the 1st Quarter! How time flies!

This week, we started singing and dancing Halloween songs, doing Halloween art projects and thinking about our Halloween costume for the Halloween Festival this October 31st.


In Music, we continued to do Steady Beat activities using rhythm sticks and by clapping our hands. Also, we sang Halloween songs such as Knock, Knock Trick or Treat, Five Little Pumpkins and Who Took the Candy?.



In Art, we started creating Halloween arts and crafts. We learned how to draw Jack-O-Lanterns with different facial expressions.

Also, we beautified our BEAN BAG TOSS BOARD. The Pre-K students helped a lot in making these boards look more amazing!



This week in P.E., we danced Halloween Stomp and Halloween Rules as our warm up activities. Also, we continued to Throw and Catch ball.



2 thoughts on “Week 10

  1. Hi Ms. Mia,
    Would it be possible for ECC chidren to bring home some of their artwork for parents to share with them the joy?

    • Hello!
      I keep students’ artworks in their portfolio for assessment basis. They can bring home the portfolio after 1st sem. 🙂

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