Week 19 to 22

It has been a while since the last post and our little ones were super busy!

Here are the activities we did before the Tet celebration!


In Music, little Mustangs were able to explore BEAT, RHYTHM, and TEMPO (fast and slow). We learned chants, songs, games and poems entitled Engine, Engine, Number Nine; Chop, Chop, Chippity Chop; Obwisana (African Song); Rain Poem;etc.


In Art, we learned our Lines unit. This unit is vital for young learner’s development in Art. It can also help develop their writing skills. Here are some activities we did for this Unit.

Yarn Art:




















In P.E., we did ENDURANCE activities. Young learners were able to understand the value of endurance while playing a game or a sport. We played racing games and practiced Jump Rope. Jump roping develop young learners’ skill in endurance and coordination.




It’s the first week of the year and the semester. Everyone is excited to start the new year right especially the little ones. To make this eek even more special, it’s the INTERNATIONAL WEEK.


In Music, we learned BEAT and RHYTHM. We also learned the Rain Poem and the chant for it. And since it’s the International Week,  we learned the songs such as “It’s a Small World After All’, “My Toes, My Knees (Filipino version)”, and “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (French version)”.

We also played the game Musical Spot (our own version of Musical Chair).


In Art, the students made international themed art projects. Pre-N hand printed Philippine Flag, Nursery dot painted French Flag, and Pre-K and K made paper dolls.



In P.E., we moved on to our next unit: ENDURANCE. We will also be focusing on our jump rope. Each student is determined to move higher into the levels. Most of them are in Level 2. Here are some photos of our obstacle in preparation for jump rope.

Week 15

This week is HEARTBEAT VIETNAM week!

We spent the whole week in trying to raise donations to reach our goal to help children with Chronic Heart Diseases.

It’s our pride to announce that we reached our goal and we collected money more than our target! It was a successful week indeed!



In Music, we continued to perform Rhythms using different instruments. We also started singing Christmas songs.




In Art, we did our Color Wheel Activity using play dough! We used our fine motor skills to mold tiny round play dough! We also created PINK by mixing white and red.





In P.E., we did our Chasing/Fleeing/Dodging activities such as Cross the Ocean, Alligator Tag and Treasure Hunt.

Each student improved their dodging skills.

Week 14

This week, we continued on celebrating Reading Month!

We read books and helped hand in hand in creating our face boards.


In Music, we read Pete the Cat books. These books come with catchy songs and the little ones loved it! We read Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes and Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons.



In Art, we created Color Wheel Creatures and we painted our face boards. We chose our favorite Superhero Comic Book Character and we did our best to make them look awesome! Here are some of our photos.

Color Wheel Creatures:


Face Boards:

Here’s Nursery kids having fun painting.




In P.E., we continued to do our Chasing/Fleeing/Dodging Activities. The little ones really loved Cross the Ocean and Froggy Tag. They have certainly improved their fleeing and dodging skills. We will continue to work on this next week.

Week 13

Week 13 welcomes the Reading month!

This week and the rest of the weeks on November, we will be reading books and doing fun art activities.

Also, Friday is the Book Character day so everybody dressed up in their favorite book characters, including the ECC teachers




In Music, we continue to practice our steady beat and rhythm. We also sang songs from books.



In Art, we finished creating our Fall Artworks. Kindergarten continued to learn about Primary and Secondary colors and started to create their color wheel creatures. Also, we brainstormed and planned for our Reading Month Face Boards. We will be working on it the whole week so better watch out for our awesome creations!



In P.E., we moved on to our next unit which is Chasing, Fleeing and Dodging. We did tag games such as Runner Tag and Froggy Tag. Also, we did Duck, Duck, Goose.


Week 11


 This week, we talked about the stories and history of Halloween. Everyone was excited to show off their amazing costumes and to eat candies.


In Music, we sang and danced to Halloween songs such as Knock Knock Trick or Treat, Who Took the Candy?, Halloween Night, Five Little Pumpkins, Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate and many more.

Here’s Steven singing his favorite Halloween song:


We showed our great excitement for Halloween in Art. We made Jack-O-Lanterns, Pumpkin Patch, Ghosts, Mummy Candy Corn Collage, Witch, Monster of Dr. Frankenstein and Haunted House.





In P.E., we continued to do our warm up dance Halloween Stomp. We also continued to practice of THrowing and Catching Skills individually and with a partner.