WEEK: 34 DATE: May 22, 2016

Nursery/Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten: Birds in a Cage

This week we will be looking at the various caged birds of Vietnam.  We will be drawing a bird, cutting it out and putting it in a painted cage.


First/Second/Third Grade:  Panda Face and Body

We’ve been focusing on endangered animals recently.  To finish out the year, we will be looking at the panda.  Students will have the option to make the panda body or face.


Fourth/Fifth Grade:  Shape Animals

This week we will be looking at how to make animals using just shapes.  This exercise will help students to recognize shapes from things in the real world and apply that to their drawings.




Nursery/Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten: Clay Animals

.  We will be honing in on our shaping skills with clay animals.  Students will get a walk through on how to make different shapes (sphere, cylinder, cube, and cone).  We will then tackle making simple animals using the pull technique.


First/Second/Third Grade: Lotus Flowers and Beetles

We will be looking at the local flora and fauna of Vietnam with Lotus Flowers.  We will be studying the importance of underdrawings and how to make a symmetrical drawing using guide lines.  Students will be encouraged to try a variety of techniques to create the lotus flower.


Fourth/Fifth Grade:  Manga Body

Finishing out our trip to Japan, we will be looking at how to make a body using the Anime style.  Students will see various methods for drawing the figure.  Models will be clothed.



WEEK: 32 DATE: May 8, 2016

Nursery/Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten: Sheep on a Hill

We will be hanging out with our fluffy friends the sheep. Students will create a hill for the sheep to graze on and some cotton balls for sheep.


First/Second/Third Grade: Hokosai’s Great Wave

This week we will be looking at the famous painting by Hokosai The Great Wave.  Students will get a walk-through how to create a foreground and build up behind and a brief explanation of the Ukiyo-e block printing method.


Fourth/Fifth Grade:  Manga Self-Portrait

We will be looking at the fascinating world of Manga from Japan.  Students will be making a self-portrait using the style first popularized in the early 20th century comics.



Goldfish Bowls

This is Plant Earth!