WEEK 23 DATE: February 24, 2014

Nursery/Pre-Kindergarten/ Kindergarten: Fluffy Sheep on a Hill

This week we will be working with texture.  We will be adding different objects to a pastoral scene. 


First Grade: Whale Painting

Working in conjunction with Ms. Kathy’s class, we will be painting a large whale that will be on display in her classroom.


Second Grade: Design a Motorbike Helmet:

We will be  learning about form and function when we design a helmet and logo for a motorbike. 


Third/Fourth Grade: Sunflower Pointillism Painting

This week we will be exploring the Impressionist work of Georges Seurat and his technique of Pointillism.  Students will be working from a still-life of a Sunflower. 

Fifth Grade: Design a Book Cover

In preparation for the theme of Reading for the month of March, students will be creating covers for their favorite books.  The students will be photographed later reading their books and put in the display case. 

WEEK 21DATE: February 17, 2014

Nursery/Pre/ Kindergarten: Finger-painted Flowers

We will be getting our hands wet literally, developing our tactile skills with our first attempt at finger painting.  This is an excellent way to learn first-hand (no pun intended) how to blend colors.  Students can gain a deeper grasp of what paint can do with using their own hands. 


First Grade/Second Grade:  Painted Birds in a tree with objects

This week we will be exploring painting with found objects such as a sliced potato and card stock.  These exercises will show students there are many ways to make art that don’t require a paintbrush or palate knife. 





Third Grade/Fourth Grade:  Dia De Los Muertos Paper Plate Skulls

We will be exploring Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos this week. We will learn about the memorial for those who’ve passed on. Students will design their own skulls using paper plates. 


Fifth Grade: Shoe Drawings

Continuing on with observation drawings, the students will be making a drawing of their shoes.  This exercise teaches students to become observers of everyday objects and that anything can become a work of art.