Lesson Overview WEEK 18 January 6, 2014

Pre-Kindergarten/ Kindergarten: Goldfish Kites

To commemorate Tet and the Lunar New Year, students will be creating Goldfish Kites using paper towel rolls and tissue paper.  Students will see the history of the fish kites of China and Japan.


First Grade: Cheetah Painting

In preparation for International Month, students will be finishing the last of the 3 animal paintings.  The last one is a Cheetah painting. 


Second: Year of the Horse

Continuing with our Chinese New Year, students will be working on making a Year of the Horse Banner.  Students will have the chance to design their own horse and add it to a larger mural of horses running.


Third/Fourth Grade: Coat of Arms

Students this week will be creating their personal coat of arms based on their hobbies, interests, and family history. 


Fifth Grade: Break into Shapes Exercise

In continuing with our observation exercises, Fifth Grade will be working on observing various pictures and breaking down their components into geometric shapes. 




DATE: December 16-19

Pre-Kindergarten/ Kindergarten: Christmas Stencil Card This week students will be using stencils and paint to create a unique Christmas Card.

First Grade: Animal Painting (International Month) First grade will be working on painting different animals of Africa for International Month. Students will block out the background and then the foreground.

Second Grade: Christmas tree Decoration Students are going to be creating some cut-out designs using scissors and construction paper. The ornaments can be used as decoration for the holiday season.

Third/Fourth Grade: Tin Foil Ornaments We will be using aluminum to make ornaments. Students will draw their image onto foil and cut them out. They choose from a variety of images and pick their final image.

Fifth Grade: Snowman Paper-Chain We will be creating a paper-chain using paper and tape. Students will cut out one snowman/ gingerbread man and will have four individual pieces to decorate.


Week 16 Overview: December 9-13

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten: Reindeer Drawing

We will further our exploration of the winter season with making Reindeer drawings.  Students will learn about the origins of some of the Christmas tradition and the iconography of the holidays.



First and Second Grade: Pastel Christmas tree Lights

Students will make a pastel drawing of Christmas tree lights.   Students will create their own shapes and choose their own colors.  Students will see the significance that light plays during the winter in places where it becomes cold and dark.



Third and Fourth Grade: Snowman Painting

This week we will be working on perspective with making a Snowman.  Students will gain insight into how a painting is conceived and executed.  After making an under drawing, students will finish their piece using their choice of colors.


Fifth Grade: Christmas Ornaments

In conjunction with Ms. Sara, students will be creating ornaments to decorate their classroom.  They will have a choice of making a stocking, ornament, tree, or candles.