Games Good For Education !

Apps good for education

1. Unblock me: Unblock me is a puzzle game, it’s about getting the RED blog out, we need to move the other blocks to make the way for the RED block. There are 2 modes: Relax mode and Challenge mode, Relax mode is where you free to do anything and it does not count the moves, Challenge mode is where it count your moves and helps you know how much moves have you go. This game is very cool, its sometimes makes you feel tired and bored but it’s very educational because you need to use your brain to think of the ways that can help the RED block out. 

2, Minecraft: Minecraft is the game that you can build anythings you like by the block. It needs your imagination, cause you will use your imagination to build your own world in Minecraft. You can play Minecraft with your friends, you can add them, and you guys can help each other to build your own imagination world in Minecraft. People will build the structure to protect themselves from the monster. It’s really look likes your real world, it has ocean, the sun, cloud,tree….it’s really fun !

3. Lingopal: Lingopal is the app that helps you speak more language. It include 44 languages, 25 categories, multiple language combination and hundred of phrases of audio. It helps you when you are traveling to a different country, and you don’t know their language, this apps can help you.

4. Sketch Book Express: Sketch Book Express is the app that can help you experience the world of digital art. This app can will help you learn how to draw, paint, play instruments. You also can create your own artistic masterpiece.    

5. ABC Letter Tracing: ABC Letter Tracing is the app that can help children learning, to write and recognize their ABC. Children can learn how to write both uppercase and lowercase letters with a touch of finger.

6. Hangman: Hangman is the game that will need you to think of a letter, and fill in the blank. Each time you get wrong, we will draw each part of the man that hanging. It was really fun, you can divides in 2 teams, and each person fro each teams could come up to the board and write the blanks. The other member from the other team will guess.

7.Typeracer: Typeracer is an online game, here you can practice your typing skill with the other. This game is easy to sign up, you can create an new account or you can play as a Guest.

8. Where’s my water ?: Where’s my water ? it’s the app that need your brain to help the water to get into the pipe that connect to the crocodile bathroom, so it can takes a shower. You need to think the best way to get the water into the pipe, if the water all run out, the crocodile will cry. If you can make it, you will win.  

9. Flow: Flow is a puzzle game, you need to match the color with pipes to make a flow, pair all color and cover all the board. It’s a simple and relax game for you to play.

10. Temple Run: Temple run is an app that you need to help to character to run escape from the monster, you need to collect the coin to upgrade the stuff and buy things. It will get harder and harder as you run as far as you can, you need to run the highest score and you also can break your own, and it’s really CHALLENGING.

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